Fast, tailor-made & affordable IT Infrastructure Solutions & Services to meet your current & future business needs.

Building Robust Solutions for a Robust Infrastructure


Whether you are looking to start up a¬ new business and require a Technology Infrastructure or are looking to outsource your existing Technology Infrastructure Management, you can count on our experienced team to assist you in your Technology Infrastructure Management.

How we do it?

Understanding Requirements

The process starts with understanding your business requirements and outlining your expectations from our infrastructure resources and services, for operations and management of your business.


Infrastructure Assessment

Upon clarity of the requirements, we conduct a thorough infrastructure assessment to understand your operations and the performance of your existing infrastructure.

Based on our assessment, we devise a Comprehensive Report and a Technology Blueprint, outlining every component of your technology infrastructure and the operations supporting your Business – such as hardware & software inventory and its utilization, cloud & premises design review, internal technology capabilities assessment (staffing and infrastructure), External Service Provider assessment to include Hosting, Voice & Data providers, trends analysis of past and current technology related expenses, budget review and more.


Recommendation Plan

Upon completion of the assessment, we provide an enhancement and a recommendation plan based on your expectations from technology. Further, outlining a phased approach to implementation that is aligned with your organization’s budget towards meeting your technology needs and your business goals.

Here’s What We Offer – Our Services

We support a wide range of infrastructure services from Public / Private cloud to on-premises solutions. A brief summary of our services is as outlined below:

Cloud Solutions:

  • Public & Private Cloud Infrastructure Setup & Support
  • Hybrid Infrastructure Solutions (A combination of Cloud and Premises)
  • Dedicated Bare Metal Server Deployment & Management
  • Private Virtual Servers
  • Shared Hosting ServicesA dedicated server infrastructure may not be the best suited for all. For small scale websites or applications, this solution maybe a perfect fit.

Domain Solutions:

  • Domain Management We have seen many instances where a simple task as domain management is ignored or missed, severely impacting the organization’s ability to operate virtually due to a loss of a domain name and impacting all associated virtualized services. We manage hundreds of domain names for our customers, allowing them peace of mind regarding their domain, which is well managed, timely renewed and updated.
  • DNS Management DNS management can get very tricky and complex particularly for small to mid-sized organizations where there is no in-house expertise. With the expansion of a business virtually subscribing to either cloud based or custom developed services, customization of DNS and maintaining the same can become a pretty hectic task. At Tarika, we offer complete DNS management. We assess all requests ensure proper setup and management of your DNS.

On Premises Infrastructure Solutions

  • Site Assessment
  • Technology Blueprint
  • Voice & Data Cabling
  • Network Architecture Design Maintenance
  • Network Security
  • Support & Maintenance