Why & How Should You Update Your Online Presence?

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Update nothing, impress none!

Well, this notion holds a lot of meaning for those who are already into selling their services. They certainly need to be presentable enough to attract the customers, whether they are into eCommerce business, own a business or corporate website, or are still relying upon their brick-n-mortar store.

But Why Update the Website that Already

But Why Update the Website that Already

In this wide wide digital world, every business owns a website that should be updated time to time. Now the question arises, why? Especially, when the making of that website had already involved lot of time, efforts and moolah, why is there the need to update it time and again? Hold on! There are many reasons to it.

The advent of enormous number of websites floating in this mammoth digital pool, has also contributed to the vulnerability of their security. Yes, the incidences of hacking and security threats have increased manifold, thereby leading to the loss of critical data, leading to the doom’s day for the companies. A series of data breaches and even a single leakage of data has led to the losses of billions for organizations.

Therefore, the organizations have been adopting all means and methods to secure all the data websites need to adopt all means and measures to secure their crucial data, one of which is updating the website whenever required and due.

Updating the website tightens website security and prevent the probability of hacking. Well, that is not just one takeaway, the website even becomes more marketable as it also helps in updating its digital marketing strategy, leading to the increase in website traffic.

Aspects the Websites Should Be Updated In

One of the major reasons why the websites get hacked is due to the vulnerabilities that come up due to an obsolete website framework or plugin. That’s another huge aspect apart from security.

Updating a website doesn’t mean simply reworking on the design and giving it a new look. It rather involves updating the website in various aspects that need enough consideration.

  • Website platform
  • Website content
  • Website design
  • Website security

Consider Switching to a Secure Website Platform

Unless the entire framework of a house is strong, it cannot stand, no matter how good quality paint and woodwork you get done in it. On similar lines, the framework of a business website should also be strong enough to be able to secure its data, or else, it may get hacked without even single indication. Among all, WordPress is considered to be the top among secure website platforms.

Keep a Tab on the Plugins, Update Them

Keep a Tab on the Plugins, Update Them

Plugins are installed in the websites to make them functional. Many types of plugins are developed for various kinds of functionalities of the websites, that make them priced possession for those who own them. But apart from that added functionality, these plugins may even open the gates for the hackers to the website. That is why the plugin authors keep sending updates regarding these vulnerabilities time to time, so that the security concerns can be resolved. These plugins should therefore, be updated in certain intervals of time.

Even while integrating them into the website, they should be chosen with utmost care and concern about the author that stays there for continued support.

Select the Website Development Company that Places Security on Top

Select the Website Development Company that Places Security on Top

Yes, while you look for the website development company that also provides hosting service, set a condition – the security of the website has to be on top of the priority list. This is to make sure that everything that may make the security of the website vulnerable is taken care of, such as a secure website development platform.

Update the Website Content

Update the Website Content

This is another most important aspect of updating a website. The content forms blood and bones of any website. It plays a very crucial role in the performance of the website in search engines. As the Google algorithms keep updating time to time, the website content should also be updated with time. To increase the website traffic and heighten the search performance, the website content should be updated by further optimization with trending keywords. The better search performance and increased website traffic yield conversions.

There are, however, few things that should be kept in mind while updating the content.

First, the content should be updated such that it should present the product or service to the target market, well. The message of the brand should be clearly conveyed. This increases brand credibility, as the customer gets the feel that the brand is trustworthy and they can readily buy from you.

Secondly, the content should carry all the keywords that your target audience would search you with. Only then will the chances of your emergence on top of search results will increase. Like, if you are providing hair rebounding services, then the content should have keywords revolving around this only.

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Update Your Website Design

Update Your Website Design

Simply updating the content and technical aspects of a website won’t reap as many benefits, until you give website a new and refreshed look and feel. Yes, website design also needs to be updated with time, no matter how great the design had been, after a particular amount of time, it deserves to be remodelled.


Know about How Far Does a Website Design Matter.

Well, a website design is not simply about a combination of hues and vectors, it is far more than that. There are many other crucial factors that have a larger role to play in ensuring the optimum performance of a website, such as website responsiveness, website speed for better user retention, and lot more.

Do you know, 94% of users judge a website on the basis of its mobile responsiveness! In fact, the mobile web traffic has surged tremendously, in the last decade, as you can see below.

Source: Oberlo

Today, over 56% of website traffic is received from mobile phones, and so a mobile responsive website carries more probability of sales and conversions.

Designing websites on the basis of custom requirements is crucial, as it revolves around them only, helps the brand stay focused, and attracts the target customer better for increased chance of conversion.

To Sum It Up

Updating your online presence is very crucial as it keeps you presentable and in alignment with the then ongoing trends. You can even buckle up the security of your website and make it user friendly for a great user experience with its responsive design and higher functionality.

With our years of experience, knowledge and skills, we employ latest technologies to update the websites which includes optimization of security features, content, design and all that is crucial for a business website’s performance, for empowering the business on digital platform and allowing it to grow.

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