Top Reasons Why Your E-commerce Business Is Failing

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It’s no secret that the eCommerce industry is flourishing these days! The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the boom in eCommerce industry which has now become the savior of retail businesses.

Before the epidemic, online shopping was rising at a consistent pace of 4.5 percent every year globally. However, this percentage has completely changed after the pandemic. The reason behind this eCommerce surge is a restricted movement aimed to curb the spread of Coronavirus. Doubtlessly, the pandemic of coronavirus disease has drastically changed the online shopping behavior of consumers.

Nowadays, having an eCommerce presence isn’t an option anymore. It has rather become a need for every retail business.

Certainly, a well-structured and appealing eCommerce website opens a great number of opportunities for you to expand your customer base and increase your sales.

Generating a good amount of sales from an eCommerce website or application is exciting, right?

However, many eCommerce startups fail to get desired results!

According to a study report by Small Business Trends, 90% of eCommerce startups fail within 120 days of launch.

Well, the eCommerce business landscape is quite competitive and tricky as well.

It’s true that eCommerce has become the savior for many retail businesses, but due to some critical mistakes many businesses have failed too.

Wondering, why?

One of the most common reasons is that your eCommerce website or application wasn’t set up properly or may be some crucial elements are missing in your eCommerce store, which is leading to the failure in attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones.

If you are on the edge of starting an eCommerce business, then hiring a professional eCommerce web development agency is the best way to get real results.

What are the top reasons for the eCommerce Business failure?

Joining The Bandwagon Without Proper Research

Joining The Bandwagon Without Proper Research

This is one of the biggest mistakes that eCommerce businesses usually commit!

For entrepreneurs, scrutinizing is the most important thing to do before stepping into an eCommerce business. Initial research gives you high-level insights that help you understand your competitors, market demand, and targeted user base. In fact, you can use these insights to tweak your business model, which ultimately brings you good results for your business.

Many eCommerce entrepreneurs avoid research and fail. If you want to thrive your eCommerce business in this highly competitive business world, then you should first deeply analyze the market. Always remember that good market research is a necessity for every entrepreneur who wants to start an eCommerce store.

Poor Website Design

Web design is a crucial part of your business’s online presence. A successful web design helps you attract your potential customers, ensures the visitors of a better user experience, improves your brand’s credibility and eventually leads to more sales.

Imagine that you walk into a store for the first time and find a disorganized and messy floor. What will you do? You may probably drop a negative review and leave, right?

The same thing applies to online shoppers too!

Whether it’s about visiting a brick-and-mortar store or an online one, people always get attracted to a clean and well-organized store. Nowadays, online shoppers want to shop from appealing websites that provide a convenient shopping experience with an intuitive layout, quick loading speed, and secured payment gateways.

Poor web design is one of the major reasons why eCommerce businesses fail! If you want to survive your eCommerce business in this fast-paced competitive landscape, then you should never ignore the importance of website design.

When it comes to design and development of an eCommerce store, then hiring a professional eCommerce web development company can be the smartest move for businesses. An experienced eCommerce web development agency understands your business goals and creates an attractive eCommerce website or application that helps you convert your site visitors into customers.

Low-Quality Product Images and Improper Descriptions

Low-Quality Product Images and Improper Descriptions

With so many advantages of having an eCommerce store, there is a disadvantage as well. Unlike at a brick-and-mortar store, your customers can’t touch the products you sell on your eCommerce store! If you want to entice your prospective customers and increase your sales, then you should use high-quality product images with appropriate descriptions on your website.

Remember that the first impression is everything in the eCommerce industry, that has the potential to make or break a deal. The decision-making about whether to shop or not from your eCommerce store happens in just a matter of few seconds.

Using poor-quality images on the website is one of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs commit, leading to failure! Your website visitors won’t buy your products if they are not convinced of the quality, and ultimately move on to another eCommerce store.

If you use low-quality images with inaccurate product descriptions on your eCommerce website, you WILL lose your customers to your competitors.

Well, that’s the bottom line.

In order to boost sales of your eCommerce business, you should use high-quality product images with easy-to-understand product descriptions.

Insufficient Marketing

Insufficient Marketing

Business owners have a common misconception that once their eCommerce stores are running, the shoppers will start visiting their websites and boost the revenue of their businesses.

Well, eCommerce is a very competitive industry. Just because you have an eCommerce website or application doesn’t mean that you will automatically start getting sales. Today, building even a strong online presence is crucial for every eCommerce business. Without establishing a good web presence, no eCommerce business can thrive.

So, if you are not focusing on the online visibility of your eCommerce business, it’s time to leverage the power of digital marketing. In order to shine your eCommerce business in the digital era, you need to focus on the internet or digital marketing! Digital marketing is an effective technique that helps you acquire new customers and increases your brand value, which eventually leads to more revenue.

Clearly, underestimating the power of online marketing is one of the biggest mistakes of eCommerce businesses. If you want to establish a strong online presence in your eCommerce business, then you should invest in professional digital marketing services. Hiring digital marketing experts helps you increase your brand awareness, boost website traffic and expand your customer base.

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