Top Features of High-Demand Apps in 2021

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The digitally interactive and operational world is all about apps these days. Right from booking a cab, ordering your medicines to keeping a track of your steps per day, and determining the date of ovulation to brace up for your next period, you download apps in your dear device. There are over 3.2 billion smartphone users all over the world, and most of them around you are seen with their heads dug in their screens.

What do they do most of the time?

Well, reports reveal that the mobile users spend 92% of their time on these apps only. And the amount of time is increasing.

The amount of time spent on apps in comparison with the amount of time spent on any of the browsers, varies to a huge extent.


Source: eMarketer

Certainly, the mobile app world is thriving bazillions!

According to Statista, there are about 4.4 million apps available in the App Store. With so many apps already floating in the market, the competition between app development companies has also grown fierce in this industry. Unless you have a right strategy to follow, you cannot stay competitive in this industry. By following all the best practices to create the high-demand apps, you can assess your performance using high-end analytical tools.

No matter, how great your business be if it’s not running on a smart app, it won’t reap you profits. Of course, the apps should be well designed that are good enough to catch attention in the wide noisy world of apps. Functionality, user experience are other aspects that count a lot.

Determine your customers first, and before you start developing the app, make sure you know what your customers expect from you. Meeting the customer’s requirements should be on top of the priority list for an app developer, failing which, they may lose them to their competitors already eyeing your business.

The performance of an app is judged also on the basis of its features. Most of the complains received from the customers are about the app’s features – features that the app lacks or the ones that do exist but are not really very functional.

Let’s take a dive into the features that are expected in a good app, and therefore should be considered by an app developer for developing a smart and competitive app.

High-End Security

High-End Security

Of all the features, this is the most vital feature for an app, as the only aspect that is vulnerable in the digital world today, is data security. Even a tiny sniff can lead to loss of the data, and put your app’s image in limbo.

Since your app will be storing your customers’ data such as credit and debit card information, submitted by them in a trust that it will be safe and secure, it becomes your responsibility to maintain its confidentiality. With digital security being an ever-concerning issue, investing in the app security has become inevitable for businesses and app developers.

Simplicity Delivered

Simplicity Delivered

Apart from being part of our tagline, simplicity is also a feature that our app developers are very particular about. An app may be downloaded for as casual purposes as listening to music and for performing as critical tasks as measuring the blood pressure or tracking something. Certainly it has to be simple enough to be able to provide the required information, as quickly as possible.

With a difficult navigation, it may become difficult for the people to access information, causing them to get frustrated and quit. Since there are already many options available for them, they won’t take a second thought before abandoning your app. Navigation therefore, plays a great role in ensuring a good user experience leading the users to make most of your app.

Quality at Speed

Quality at Speed

In this fast-paced world, patience is what people lack in, these days. For any user, the most boring and frustrating view can be the screen taking long to load. We it a website or an app, its speed can either make or break it, due to depleting patience levels of the users. Waiting time can be the most difficult for anyone especially when critical information is required.

While using an app, the first and foremost feature they expect from it is, quick loading time and an easy access to the information they are seeking at that point of time.

High Resolution Images

High Resolution Images

No matter how great the speed of your website or app be, if the images that are loaded quickly, are not of good quality, your efforts go waste. Gone are the days of pixilated hazy images that too in were considered to be normal. Today, the users expect high definition images as they even may be required to share them further.

Eye-catching color schemes make the app look nice and well worked upon.

So, as a modern business, you need to present your products and services in equally high-end images. A balance needs to be struck between speed and quality of the images that are loaded on the app. Quality eventually, sells!

Wider Compatibility

Wider Compatibility

Reaching out to your customers on the platform where they are, widens the probability and scope of your business. Don’t limit it just because of compatibility limitations.

Make your app compatible according to these three major operating systems – iOS, Android and Windows. Though getting your app uploaded on iOS may not be as easy as uploading the android app on PlayStore, owing to the fact that Apple first tests the app and then gives it a place in the App Store. But, that should not deter you from making your app work well on any operating system, as rest of the aspects like coding, screen sizes and resolutions need not require any extra effort. They all are almost the same in all the operating systems.


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Search Ability

Search Ability

Ahh! This is one feature that you go crazy searching for. Despite not being able to locate it, some people carry on with the app, while some users simply leave the scene. There are many apps that don’t have this feature as many app developers do not consider it as relevant as other features. Well, the feature has quite an important role to play, especially in business and social apps.

According to a source, it was found in a survey that of all the features, 47% users preferred the filterable “search” feature over regular search.

The apps that are driven by the content such as news and blogs, and eCommerce apps with information about their range of products and services require search bars as the users may search for the information on any particular news item or inventories, respectively.

Whether as a bar at the top, or as a tab at the bottom, a search bar serves as a reliable feature for the user, and therefore, makes the app look more authentic and trustworthy.

User Experience with Personal Touch

User Experience with Personal Touch

While looking to invest in any product or service, people always look for recommendations from reliable sources that can guide or assure them about their choice and decision.

Any recommendation with a personal touch is always taken on a positive note and considered as well, irrespective of what it says about the product or service. When such a recommendation is provided in an app, the users really find it useful.

With the aid of Artificial Intelligence, any app can be made to provide the user experience that is much personalized. The feature would enhance engagements and interactions, which eventually benefits the business, in the end.

Ability to Live Track

Ability to Live Track

On finding the live tracking feature in an app, the users feel power in their hands as they can easily track what they had downloaded the app for. It makes it possible to track your favorite grub or the cab driving your mom to her friend’s place. A must-have feature for all apps!

Who doesn’t like to hold the bridle? When given a sense of control, users prefer such apps over the rest.

Feedback Button


No matter how compatible, well loaded with features, and futuristic your app may be, there always stays the scope of improvement.

So where and how to improve? Why not ask your users only?

Yes, there cannot be a better way than asking for feedback from your existing customers only, as that can help you actually improve your app and work towards the areas that would allow your app to provide enhanced user experience.

In fact, that would also help in customer retention. All you will be required to do is, provide a feedback button on the app!

On Final Notes

An app that is developed thoughtfully can make a big difference for the business. All you will need is thoughtfulness, implementation and investment. Do you find them worth it? If yes, then we can certainly take you to the next steps. Our expertise and experience in the development of a good range of mobile apps has earned us accolades.

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