Top 7 Animated Explainer Video Marketing Tips

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Patience! Patience! It is so lacking these days that if laboratory tests for patience could be conducted on the crowd of today, most of the results would have come out to be – NEGATIVE!

The lack of patience has led to the attention span getting shorter day by day. The average attention span of a human is shorter than that of even a Goldfish!Yes, that’s no notion, and has already been proved scientifically. In a research conducted by National Center for Biotechnology Information, an average human attention span was recorded to be 8.25 seconds, in 2015, and it’s getting down further.

You never know, by now so many of you may even have quitted reading this article!

The communication process is getting highly condensed these days, owing to this shortening attention span, leaving really very little space for point by point explanations.

A casual communication is fine, but if you have to market something, you need to make sure you do it, considering every second as an opportunity. In marketing, the message to be delivered needs to be so condensed and crisp that it should be understood just in a matter of seconds, or else, people won’t buy it.

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Don’t Just Tell Stories, Let’s Show Stories!

Story-telling has always been an important aspect of marketing, as it lays an impact in the minds of your reader. But sometimes, the words fail to impact as much as the visuals do. Even a small kid loves to watch a story, rather than reading the same. Story-watching can be a much better experience than the story-reading; do what your prospects want you to – Switch over to story-showing from story-telling now!

A prospect takes just 60 to 90 seconds to understand about your offering, and take action, and this has led to the advent of video marketing which is capable of engaging and influencing the audience in a much better way than what you present to them, to read.

It takes a lot of time and money for marketers to create marketing collaterals. So, it becomes very important for them to consider creating what is effective enough to generate the value that’s worth all the efforts, and animated explainer videos can be one such worthy creation.

Animated explainer videos can be an extremely effective marketing asset today, as within a span of few seconds, they make your audience understand about what you have to say. According to a HubSpot Digital Consumer Trends Report, more than 50% of users expect brands to present more of the video content.

Today, a huge section of audience expresses a great affinity to the animated content. Animated explainer videos carry a good potential in the world of digital marketing.

According to the Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research, 1.8 million words have the value of a one-minute video.

About 83% of marketers believe that video is becoming increasingly important, which signals the start of more brands using them as part of their digital marketing strategies.

There is a lot of scope for video marketers to generate quality leads by 66% more every year, and they achieve a 54% more brand awareness.

According to the Brightcove’s 2018 Video Marketing Survey, 53% of consumers report getting engaged with a brand after viewing their videos on social media.

So, if you have not yet implemented explainer videos into your marketing strategy, you may be losing a big deal on engagements, leads, awareness, and are very likely to lag behind in the competition.

The best part about videos is that it engages the audience well, and is much easily understood. It’s already clear that the investing in animated explainer videos is definitely going to pay, in the times to come. If you’re already on to it, here are a few tips for you to follow:

Tip #1: Simple, Crisp & Condensed Scripts

Today’s customer is living in an era that heavily loaded with information and data. While animating an explainer video, make sure to present what you think they may not be knowing, or else they may lose interest in you, and you may lose them. So, follow the thumb rule that is based on the fact that the longer will be the video, the poorer will attention span of the viewer be.
Make the videos simple, crisp and easily digestible. After all, the basic objective of videos is to simply what was hard to explain otherwise. For this, the scripts ought to be written by smart and experienced writers who are very clear about the subject.

Tip #2: Inclusion of the Trending 2D & 3D Elements

The futuristic explainer videos will have 2D and 3D elements in them for seamless presentation which will make the video much more attention-grabbing that the normal one.

Such explainer videos are more impactful, as they take the viewer to journey of realism. Whiteboard animation will soon be a matter of the past. To enable the viewers, learn about the concepts better, businesses are getting interested in 3D videos that promise more creativity and sensibility, as they look too real. The real looking videos lay more impact in the minds of the viewers, and they become more likely to take the action for which the video is presented to them.

Tip #3: Tailored Videos for Different Platforms

Creating custom-tailored videos on the same subject as different versions for various platforms is soon to become one of the trends.

As there are different requirements of different platforms; for example, you can post longer videos (60 – 90 seconds duration) right on your website, but can’t on the social media.

The posts on social media should be of relatively shorter duration (not more than 30 seconds), as it’s a platform for other marketers too, whose content is also displayed in front of the audience. The audience usually does not have much time, being busy socializing, and doing lot more stuff. Apart from this, the videos for social media should have attractive punchlines that catch the audience attention and make them hold on to your content.

So, it’s better not to confine your ideas just in one format, and rather create separate videos that fulfil the requirements accordingly. This way, you can present the information in new creative ways.

Tip #4: Mobile Responsiveness, the Major Takeaway

Do you know, more than 50% of the total video content is viewed on mobile devices, and 92% of the viewers share this video content further.

That clearly indicates the need of responsiveness of your videos. No matter, how condensed, understandable, crisp and engaging your video may be, unless it is mobile responsive, it won’t be able to serve your objective. Obviously, the text should be bold and clear, content should be minimal and to the point.

Tip #5: Mascot, Your Audience Would Love

Any message conveyed is not the message conveyed, if people do not respond to it. So, it’s better to convey the message in a way that it is not only received but valued too. A mascot can generate value by delivering the message.

Animated explainer videos are about creative stories and stories can’t perform well without its character. You can create a character matching up with your business profile and can make it a part of not just your videos, but also of all your marketing collaterals that you create. Once you have a mascot, name it, give it a nice getup, create a voice of its own, and experiment with its different avtaars too!

Tip #6: Videos Easily Found on Search Engines

The pace at which video content is replacing the textual one, is intuitive of the future of search queries, which will be majorly about videos only. So that clearly demonstrates the growing significance of videos which will appear in most of the SEO results.

The search engines have always been about text-based searches, based on keywords. But now, Artificial Intelligence will be able to perform content classification, whether it is text-based, an image, or a video.

So now, even the animated explainer videos will have to be SEO-based, that sure will change the course of video creation.

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Tip #7: Shoppable or ‘Clickable’ Explainer Videos

Often it must have happened with you, that you find something really very riveting and when you wish to go for it, you come to know it’s not enabled to take you through. Quite disappointing, isn’t it! No matter, a direct click-through is mentioned right below, the real sloth-souls won’t bother to go for it. Same happens with videos, which usually being un-clickables, end up losing instant customers.

Well, a shoppable video is meant for leaving no room for this. The ‘clickable video’ is an enabled one that has a CTA within it, which allows the viewers to click on it directly, and go buying. These videos are integrated with e-commerce sites, and thus act like a shopping gateway for viewers. These videos can be a great sales generator.

By introducing a three-minute shoppable video ‘Mission Impeccable’ in their digital marketing campaign, a luxury high street label, Ted Baker saw spectacular results within the first week, with $75,000 worth of sales received directly on their website.

Shoppable videos are going to be the next big thing for retailers! Visualizing the extreme utility of this feature, progressive companies have already started weaving this advanced version of video content into their digital marketing strategy.

Laying it all in the line…

So you can imagine, what the implementation of great animated explainer video content in your digital marketing strategy can lead to. With all the competition out there, you need to come up with high-end explainer videos that are free from abysmal animation, irrelevant content, confusing storylines, and bad audio quality.

If you are a brand, that has already been in the industry, then creating an explainer video that has all about your decade old profile, may quite be challenging. It may be as much challenging to create one for a novice in the industry, as well. Opting for professional explainer video production services can be a wise decision.

One may really wonder about how long does it take to make an explainer animated video. Well, it may vary owing to a number of factors.

Tailored marketing videos can captivate and engage potential customers for businesses, big or small. Whether the video is viewed on your website, a landing page, social media page, or is streaming on Vimeo, the quality content will always make the people stop-by and watch you!

Tarika Technologies creates high-quality custom explainer videos that are impressive and engaging enough to lay strong impact, and are assets for businesses.

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