Top 6 Online Reputation Management Trends to Look for, in 2021

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Guarding the image of any brand, at times even the online brand reputation managers tend to spend sleepless nights pondering upon what their next plan of action should be, especially to cater to the exigencies that may spoil their entire strategy. Of course, online reputation management (ORM) is a gruelling profile that usually brooks enormous ups and downs, nosedives from transient glory, ebbs and flows, that carry the ability to ruin even the brightest of images on digital screens; yet, it is vital for every business to maintain a positive image required for brand marketing.

The year 2020 so far, has already witnessed enormous turmoil under the impact of which the strategies and schemes couldn’t be effectuated as planned, and even if they were tried to, they either clicked or bombed. Well, whatever be the case, let us learn from the bygones, re-evaluate our strategies, and look into some old and new trends that we will be required to be followed while transiting to 2021.

#1: Reputation Tracking with Smart ORM tools

 Reputation Tracking with Smart ORM tools

Unless you know where you stand, you cannot just start running at a random pace to a random direction. To know about your image, you cannot simply scroll through the comment sections of your social posts on various digital platforms. It is not even possible and as simple to do that! The reputation management tools help you do that by letting you understand the current scenario of your reputation. Whether you are a personal brand or a corporate brand, they will allow you to assess your existing reputation in the digital market space, fish out the negative sentiments registered in your name, and mitigate the associate risks that are likely to hurt your reputation.

The tools that have already been in the highlight during 2020 are Google Alerts, Buzzsumo, Social Mention, Trackur, SentiOne, Reputology, Review Push, Chatmeter, Reputation Ranger, Reputation Health, and YouScan. Among them, the AI-powered tool Mentionlyics got tremendous positive response this year, owing to its analytical feature that allows meaningful inferences from the big data.

ReviewTrackers is another option for businesses that are looking to track reviews submitted by their customers on various external sources, which are gathered and sent to them in the form of reports generated. This way, they get a fair idea about what their customers like and dislike about them, and therefore, improve themselves accordingly.

Another highly recommended tool is Talkwalker, that facilitates tracking of profiles across all social media channels, blogs, reviews and forums.

These tools are surely going to get high in trend, the next year.

#2: Genuine Influencing on Social Media

Genuine Influencing on Social Media

Social media marketing has always been playing a significant role in online reputation management. Reports say, that today, they contribute to the online reputation by 100%. Brands and individuals have been making most of this platform, by appointing social media influencers and celebrities to endorse themselves, especially by following a cause.

Proctor & Gamble partnered with influencer Charli D’Amelio in March 2020, to convince people to stay at home and distance dance so that the spread of the virus could be prevented. The campaign received an overwhelming response with 8 billion views and 1.7 million iterations, that instantly brightened the image of the brand.

Next year, apart from the influencers’ popularity, the brands will be focused more on authenticity by driving real, honest and meaningful campaigns for a positive brand image that people would understand, and be able to relate better with.

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#3: Consumers Can Turn Your Brand Ambassadors

Consumers Can Turn Your Brand Ambassadors

Whether it is social media or any other platform, people land there for many reasons and in various moods. A positive experience may change their perception about anything. So it is recommended for brands to attend to their queries, grievances and complaints wholeheartedly, and respond to them with compassion. This will instantly get the brands under a positive shadow no matter, how bad their reputation may have been.

Empathetic marketing can work wonders even for a dying brand. Yes, just the way it did for Delta Airlines, which adopted an empathetic approach towards consumers just before going bankrupt. Their newly adopted customer-centric stratagem allowed them to make it to one last time and turned the things around, by working on the areas customer-focused requirements.

Even if the requirements are not practical enough to be met with ease, they need to responded to well, like how Barclays Bank does, by responding to customers’ complaints, no matter what.

Right from a small comment on Facebook to implementing mammoth changes in your entire strategy, your response should be wrapped in compassion. Positive engagements with customers will allow positive recommendations to pour, leading to more and more contented customers.

#4: Identifying Trolls to Limit Engagements with Them

Identifying Trolls to Limit Engagements with Them

Digital world is like democracy where people often tend to go overboard with their freedom of expressions leading to mud-slinging and trolls. If your brand is on social media, it is very likely to experience trolls in some or the other way. It is however, extremely crucial to strike a balance between being empathetic and playing possum at the same time. This is possible when you’re able to see that thin line between trolls and complaints.

Where complaints are real and help you to improve your offerings, trolls carry malicious intentions and can simply be damaging to your reputation. But that doesn’t mean that you have bury your head completely in sand. It’s fine to address them but just once or twice. Paying too much attention to them may exhaust your energies, drowning your existing reputation deep in the sea of competition. Your responses may be twisted or manipulated for worse. Therefore, considering negative reviews and comments is important, but to an extent.

In the coming year, trolls will be trolled for being trolls!

#5: Increased Focus Video Marketing

Increased Focus Video Marketing

Online reputation management has been about content marketing. But as the world is getting busier, people look for videos for the reason that videos carry the power to lay an impact instantaneously.

Today, more and brands are coming up with videos; of course, even the videos have content, so the content is not going anywhere, it is just changing its form.

One of the most staggering facts about video marketing is that 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others, and the reputation is majorly built by word of mouth, or personal observations and recommendations.

The year 2020 is surely going to see boosted video content marketing with a range of videos like personalized videos, data-driven videos, 3-D videos, and lot many. A video that addresses all the doubts and concerns of consumers leading to an emotional connect is certainly going to make it, in near future.

Keeping aside YouTube, other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have already integrated the Live Video feature in them which are already making waves among the masses.

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#6: The Omni-Channel Reputation Management

The Omni-Channel Reputation Management

Today’s consumer has become very smart! They don’t just consider Google SERPs to evaluate a brand’s reputation, but also consider review sites, corporate and eCommerce websites, press releases, blog pages, social media profiles, and what not.

So, it becomes obligatory for brands to adopt a multichannel marketing approach and direct all their efforts accordingly which will quite be rewarding for them. By diversify their online reputation management strategies and talking them to omni-channel level, they can maintain an impressive image. In 2021, the consumers will be preferring the exciting posts powered by emerging technologies like augmented and virtual realities, and will be expecting the brands to serve all the excitement on digital platter in innovative ways.

Apart from this, the social media profiles will also be linked to the search engine, which would allow the profile to rank well on search engines. Also, the users would be able to know about them and get engaged with the brand they had been looking for.

So that Concludes…

2020 has been a rollercoaster ride for all the industries. Nevertheless, it all depends on your own abilities to either to close your eyes or fasten your belts, open your eyes wide, spread your arms and enjoy the ride.

Packing all the learnings from the past, and speculations about tomorrow, in the bag of your capabilities, and taking them along to the next year, following these upcoming trends, is certainly going to get you rewards.

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