The Digital Marketing Tree – Fruits of Scope to Reap

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On digital landscape, where geographical borders and language barriers diminished, the competitiveness grew on a higher side owing to the smooth pathway that could be assessed by any brand or business, irrespective of their size and stature. In such a scenario, to enable the brands stand out from the crowd, and show up to the people out there, the digital marketing sapling was planted.

With the advent of search engines back in 1990s, the shoot of the digital marketing sapling began to grow gradually. By 2000, when search engines started ruling the internet, as the data and content got developed in volumes, owing to the emergence of websites, the digital marketing plant started gaining momentum with powerful search engines like Google and Yahoo, strengthening it by forming its trunk.

As the search engines took over the internet, with the birth of more content-rich websites, the need for them to rank on the search engines started budding, giving a way to the strongest branch from the apical meristem, right from the trunk itself, as none other than Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sub-branching as off-page, technical, and on-page SEOs.

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The tree grew, as the branches of email marketing and social media marketing started developing. Email marketing opened the gateway for marketers to communicate to the masses, while social media marketing brightened the path for businesses to connect with their customers instantly, and influencing them for establishing relationships.

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The sudden boom of mobile devices in the market in 2001, leading to the smartening of phones led to the emergence of yet another branch, mobile marketing, which allowed easy advertising through the campaigns, discounting the factors like time and location.

To deepen the connect with the people, and instil in them the sense of trust and reliability for the brands, content marketing developed as another arm of the digital marketing tree, with its numerous sub-branches like blogs, case studies, e-books, infographics covering the rest.

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The petering-out of the patience bar of people in the past not too far, caused the tree to branch into video marketing.

The digital marketing tree continues to grow, to feed the aspirations of digital marketers. With numerous scopes getting discovered every now and then, indicating constant evolution, the tree of digital marketing yields fruits of growing scope for the brands to reap, namely – better visibility, wider exposure, awareness, cost-effectiveness, user engagement, conversion, and the ‘sweetest ones’ being revenue generation, and business growth or brand expansion.

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