Promises of Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent Social Media Marketing

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Remember a scene in the flick Titanic, where while that mammoth structure sank, all the people tried to float on the surface of the water, jostling and flapping their limbs, to stay on the surface and not sink. For a moment, they all looked like those tiny ants that grappled and brawled to save their lives, irrespective of the state, others were in. Same is the situation with human potential, which looks like in troubled waters, when we talk of Big Data!

The overwhelming increase in the number of social media users summing up to whopping 2.8 billion, has led to the accumulation of enormous unstructured data, making its processing a huge deal for human efficiency.

Now the question arises – Can Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., keep up with the ever-increasing number of users without getting infested by Big Data?

The answer is – Yes Of course!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is what going to rule the social media world soon; It already has been introduced, in the marketing sector where it has lifted a huge load from the shoulders of marketers.

What About the ‘Artificial’ Element in Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in social media marketing has led to a breakthrough for the marketers who can rely upon it, and can now invest their precious time and resources in assessing the data and in devising more promising strategies.

So, what about the ‘artificial’ element? Is AI able to provide that human touch in marketing, especially when personalization has been playing the key role in marketing these days?

According to a study published in Juniper Research, the total retailer expenditure on AI will reach $7.3 billion per annum by 2022, as the retailers are looking for new ways to increase personalisation for better customer experience. It is expected that AI will be applied to assess the customer behaviour in response to the products and services that are offered to them.

It has been observed that marketing becomes more humane and personalized with AI, as new ways of marketing are determined through data-driven analysis of customer behaviour. AI helps in tracking and analyzing various aspects like:

  • The amount of time spent on social media
  • The social media platform where most of the time is spent
  • The intent of using social media – networking, business, etc.
  • The content of their interest areas
  • Product brands that grabbed most attention

On the basis of this data, the marketers are able to create a strategy based on highly personalized messages for customers that surely works.

Role of AI in Social Media in Current Scenario

The acquisition of Bloomsbury AI by Facebook in 2018, to ramp up its NLP (Natural Language Processing) to handle the issues related fake news and content. In previous year, Facebook had bought an AI-based start-up Ozlo, known to be the knowledge-source about the real world.

AI has also been playing crucial roles in LinkedIn profile management, and matching them with suitable job requirements. It also analyzes the activities on Twitter, based on which it enables the most relevant tweets to show up on timelines.

Promises of Artificial Intelligence to Social Media Marketers

# Complete Content Guidance
AI has the capability to assess the social media posts, its engagements, audience behaviour and then determine how the content is to be optimized for better engagements. Not only this, it also closely monitors the user behaviour on daily basis to learn about the factors that influence the audience to take particular action.

# Insight into Performing Factors
AI enables companies get an insight into the performing factors and this helps them to focus on those key areas that are making the difference. So, they know how to plan the right strategies without having to call for ancillary support.

# Round-the-Clock Social Media Management

It is beyond the human capacity to keep a constant watch over all aspects of social media at all times; one really needs to be a superhuman to be able to do this. Super-humans? Do they really exist? Yes, the AI-guided chatbots can manage the online presence, not just by responding through typecast messages, but by intelligently tailored ones, which are good enough for even setting the seal on.

Source: 2018 State of Chatbot Report

According to the 2018 State of Chatbot Report, chatbots provide 64 percent of 24-hour service, 55 percent instant responses to inquiries and 55 percent responding to simple questions.
The Natural Learning Processing and Machine Learning enable the chatbots to communicate intelligently by respond right, in meaningful manner.

# Facial Recognition on Social Platforms

The face recognition technology is now becoming a part of product and service marketing on social media platforms, especially the Facebook. The face recognition software helps marketers to instantly tag the potential or existing customer they want, in their product or service specific posts. They do not need to search for particular names, to tag them.

So next time, you find yourself on that denim wear post, do not ponder as you had been looking for a good pair of jeans for quite some time!

# Enhanced Audience Targeting

Targeting the right audience, really matters and determining who they are matters most. All the data pertaining to their activities and behaviour gets stored online, and this helps marketers to assess and turn them into meaningful inferences for designing the strategy. This data may reflect the extent of use of social media by the audience, their activities and behaviour, buying patterns, and lot more. Artificial Intelligence thus, enables the marketers to identify the target audience that has similar attributes as those converted already. The past behaviour sets the standards to be judged in the next realm of audience.

The Future of AI Assisted Social Media

The assistance of Artificial Intelligence is likely to gain impetus in the years to come. In fact, various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have already improved on their functionality by acquiring small AI organizations. By investing in Bright, LinkedIn managed to have much better matching of candidates, considering candidate profiles, job descriptions, work experiences, etc.

But what about that human connection? Will AI be able to establish that human bond that leads to conversion and customer retention?

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way in catalyzing the user engagement and interaction on social media. However, whether it will ever be able to replace manual attempts for establishing personal bond, is still a question. In the digital world, where people love expressing themselves better through emoticons on Facebook, the emoticon suggestions led by AI during any conversation are truly commendable.

The AI tools are constantly evolving in pursuit of attaining the astounding human capability to build sensitive relations based on trust, anticipation, empathy, fear, to successfully forge strong bonds with customers. The social media trends also keep changing. For now, our social media marketers need to do all that is required to reach out to relevant audience with that ‘human touch’ organically, and generate conversions and allegiance through personal involvement.

The social media marketing team at Tarika Technologies understands the role and potential of various trends and technologies in amplifying their marketing capabilities on various social platforms, and thereby implements them with their experience and expertise.

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