Omnichannel Marketing – Acquiring Omnipresence in Marketing Landscape

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In almost every industry, the brands seem to be battling the cut-throat competition that is getting even fierce. To prevent their ball from getting dropped, they need to juggle through by spreading their arms far and wide, to develop an all-enveloping marketing technique that makes them omnipresent across all the platforms, one can think of.
Brands are now adopting a multi-channel approach to market, sell, and serve the customers to provide them a cohesive experience that is more personal, and bears the capability to enhance customer retention.

Do you know, businesses that adopt omnichannel marketing strategies, achieve 91% more customer retention than those that don’t?

Well, Omnichannel marketing is certainly grabbing the wider ground faster.

No wonder, finding innovative pathways of marketing your brand with technological intervention, has allowed the marketers to cater to changing behaviors and demands of customers. Omnichannel marketing is going to be the mainstay for marketers.

Evolution of Marketing – From Brick-and-Mortar to Click-and-Mortar

Mobile Marketing Isn’t Going to Trend, It’s Already in Trend

The rise of Internet birthed eCommerce, and so evolved marketing on digital platforms, leading more and more shoppers to e-stores. As the technologies are further advancing, the potential of digital marketing is expanding.

The omnichannel eCommerce business model led by click-and-mortar, has not only integrated online and offline experiences for the customers, but has also offered seamless experience by enveloping every marketing medium or channel.

As stated by John Bowden, Senior VP at Time Warner Cable, the seamless omnichannel experience refers to:

“Multi-channel is an operational view – how you allow the customer to complete transactions in each channel. Omni-channel, however, is viewing the experience through the eyes of your customer, orchestrating the customer experience across all channels so that it is seamless, integrated, and consistent. Omni-channel anticipates that customers may start in one channel and move to another as they progress to a resolution.  Making these complex ‘hand-offs’ between channels must be fluid for the customer.  Simply put, omni-channel is multi-channel done right!”

The Internet of Things (IoT) further enhanced the digital capabilities of marketers in providing seamless experience to the customers, by engaging them as much as never before.

Owing to the digital lives that we are leading today, by spending most of our time on various digital platforms, sharing updates, views, thoughts, and way of life in glimpses, it has become imperative for brands to reach out to their customers right there, where they are – the multiple channels. Building existence on these multiple channels is what helps the brands to acquire omnipresence, which refers to adopting a holistic approach of allowing the customers to have an experience from whichever medium or device, and from wherever they want, instead of a specific website or ‘just’ Facebook experience on desktop, tablet or mobile, from a specific location, at a specific time.

Stay Connected! O Yeah, with Omnichannel Marketing

Stay Connected

Omnichannel marketing allows the marketers to connect with customers through various channels that are integrated and managed with a single console. Be it social media, email, or even the phone, today every mode of communication is capitalized by the marketers for good. As a brand, once you engage your customer via any medium, you can now take the communication further on any medium, right from where you left last. This requires every integrated medium to update itself about the last communication that happened, and prepare to build a next-level experience based on that.

Consider for instance, a customer who lands on your website through an ad campaign you had run on Facebook, takes a look at your product or service offering, adds to the cart, but oh! leaves without checking out. You try to stop them with your pop-ups in effort to lure them either with a discount or Buy-Get offering, and even request to share their email address. Even if they decline all the prompts, they will be encountering several reminders to complete their checkout process, enormous discount offers, and alternate choices on various other channels. You even include their phone numbers and email addresses to the list of marketing channels, in case they drop them in response to your popups, during the cart abandonment.

Omnichannel marketing keeps you stay connected with your customer by letting you retarget them through multiple channels. This requires following a smart strategy to present yourself sensibly, time-to-time, and this prompts the customer to not only make that particular purchase, but also revisit your website for further purchases.

So, onmichannel marketing makes it very convenient for the customers to engage with brands, and widens the bottle-neck of purchasing decision by them through various mediums.

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Prioritizing Customer Experience with Omnichannel Marketing

Prioritizing Customer Experience with Omnichannel Marketing

The unified experience provided at various touch-bases with omnichannel marketing, has received immense acceptance from customers, as they also reciprocate well to the way they are pitched with communication that is consistent, due to the ease they are provided for taking decisions pertaining to their purchase actions.

According to the latest finding by Adobe, the companies that invested more in strategies to engage customers through omnichannels, scaled growth by 10% every year, than the rest.

Another survey conducted on business professionals regarding their marketing priorities for the next five years, revealed that customer experience stands as their top priority or objective, among the product and its pricing.



Source: Super Office

Multichannel Marketing Gateway to Multiple Opportunities – The More, the Merrier

Multichannel Marketing Gateway to Multiple Opportunities

Omnichannel marketing requires brands to be omnipresent on several channels as this allows them to leverage multiple opportunities to present or market their offerings to their customers, increasing the probability of pulling the customers closer. It is far different from multichannel marketing as brands offer seamless, consistent and personalized customer experience.

The more they interact, the more personalized experience they provide to their customers, leading to stronger chances of customer retention.

By 2025, the global omnichannel retail commerce platform market is speculated to touch US$12.7 billion, according to a study.

Of course, the approach to the omnichannel marketing strategy has to be sensible enough for maintaining great customer experience, for increased return on investment. The coming years are surely going to witness the brands leveraging omnichannel marketing for providing hyper-personalized customer experience.

The expert digital marketers at Tarika Technologies understand the significance of omnichannel marketing solutions and incorporate it in their digital marketing strategies as much as possible, to assist the brands become omnipresent at least in digital landscape.

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