Mobile App Development – A Child’s Play for Success of Businesses

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Gone are the days when mobile apps were owned just by the bigwigs. Today, almost every business in the cyberspace can manage its own mobile app, as it has become almost a child’s play even for a petite business owner or brand to create one. Unless they are able to reach out to their potential mobile using customers, their business is very unlikely to flourish, and may at some point of time, stand stagnated.Whether it’s about finding out the weather conditions at a place, you’ll be landing on next week or you’re looking for the best no-sugar energy drink in any store, all you reach out to is, your precious smart phone!

A smartphone is meant to be used smartly and a panoply of mobile apps ensures that, especially for shopping needs. It is a staggering fact revealed by sources, that 80% of smartphone users are more likely to purchase from companies with mobile sites or apps that help them answer their questions, quite easily.

In an analysis conducted by Ipsos, a whopping 93% of mobile users spend considerable amount of time on mobile apps. So, that makes it inevitable for any business to get an app of its own, in order to get in line of their sight. Even that mobile-friendly website can’t make as much difference!

So, is that the piece of cake you’d been missing even now?

It does not matter, if you still haven’t got your own app as if you do it even now, you will be getting your business on the competitive edge, in a matter of time.

Well, all that you have, may not fetch results until you have a complete knack of it. Resources need to paired with right strategies to derive desired results.

Wondering about blowing off that old fire, to set ablaze the new one?

No worries, as you don’t need to rub the stones again for the new gleam, all you need to do is just make out from the existing one. Without starting your business anew with your up to the minute mobile app, you simply need to improve the existing model of your business.

Personalized Communication, Better Output

It’s fine to have a mobile-friendly website, but without a smart mobile app, you would barely be outsmarting to get even close to hitting the right chord. Mobile apps engage the users in well-tailored communication depending upon their interests, behaviour and location. People tend to respond better to personal communication, which gets them all the attention they look for.

The personalized communication thus, helps in getting much meaningful out-turn.

Smooth Checkout Process for those Extra Bucks

It is said that you tend to lash out more on a satiny ride and that’s what mobile apps lead to. Thanks to the smooth checkout process!

Mobile apps are customer-centric as they make it plain sail for the customer to purchase from the shop. Shoppers can keep record of their payment mode details, so they don’t have to bear with the effort of taking out their wallet every time, to shop. They can check-out within few clicks, no matter how many times do they shop!

Quick App Purchases for Better Customer Retention

Mobile apps also allow advance order placements which enhance better customer experience and thereby, retention. That makes it quite effortless for them to buy whatever they feel like, at any point of time. When they visit the store to finally take the product, the payment is initiated automatically, without having them to get that done, the usual way. The convenience provided to the customer for better experience, ensures that they visit the store again.

The option of quick order placement offered by mobile apps, is giving a way to the speculation that these mobile apps will become a $38 billion industry by 2020, according to a report by Business Insider Intelligence.

Even Starbucks has been reported to have generated $6.1 billion in revenue, for its first quarter 2018. The Mobile Order and Pay feature of the app, lets customers order with much ease, which has resulted to 11 percent of transactions in the U.S, as reported by Geekwire.

Not only this, the mobile app customers get rewards through this app as freebies, which inspires them to stay loyal to the brand.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Mobile apps enhance employee engagements through effective communication policy, thus improve operational efficiency of the company or business.

The company with low employee engagement does not generate as much revenue as the one with better engagement. For example, in a company with most of the employees working remotely, the engagement may get hampered, thus leading to inefficiencies and loopholes in operations.

A smart mobile app sorts out such issues, for expedited growth in revenues.

Auto-Renewable Subscription for Better Revenue

Mobile apps that allow free downloads convert their users to customers, who opt for the paid subscription later, depending upon what they want. The first few subscriptions may be given at discounted rates and be renewed automatically as well, to entice more and more potential customers.

With auto-renewable subscription feature, the customer is not required to renew the subscription, it rather gets done automatically. The subscription keeps renewing until the customer cancels it, which is very unlikely to happen, if your app is customer-centric.

Spotify, Hulu, Apple are some of the examples that have implemented this strategy and have grown at a rate of knots.

Quick and Easy Accessibility of the Content

It will be wiser to say that today, Accessibility should not be considered mere a feature, it has rather become a social trend, without with growth is simply not possible. Unless you are approachable, you won’t be approached!

According to a report presented by Researchgate, customers use mobile devices as the mobile technology offers quick and convenient access, which makes them shop through mobiles more frequently.

There have to be various ways of making the information available to the potential sources, especially for the app users, as they don’t take much time to make the decision. Accessibility of the information keeps you above all and helps you get into notice by everyone faster. People tend to revisit you, for updates and engagements.

Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar at the Marriott County Hall in London stands out among a good number of other steakhouses in the London. They did so, by making their content more easily accessible to prospective customers in the area with the help of a mobile app, no wonder, it is a big name today.

So no matter, you operate from single location or do not even have your online presence, letting your customers stay updated through the app, about what all that you offer, is good enough to help you generate good revenue and business growth.

Better User Experience for Increased Sale

For any eCommerce website, mobile responsiveness is the most important factor as more than half of all internet traffic shops from mobile devices and tablets. As reported by Barnraisers, shopping frequency for mobile is 1.8 times higher than desktop. Therefore, the eCommerce web development companies consider mobile responsiveness of the website as primary focus, these days.

A mobile app certainly becomes a big gun for the business, as it leads the customers shop even more. A study conducted by Scanlife shows that almost 75% of shoppers prefer shopping through mobile apps. They tend to shop more, if are offered coupons containing discount codes, contests, etc.

Of course! They tend to buy much more through mobile apps, rather than from the mobile site and that’s because of the convenience that they enjoy while shopping through these apps.


if you are looking for growth of your brand, you certainly need to invest in a mobile app development and mobile app optimization. The best part about this investment is that it does not require major investment! Wondering if it’s about time or money? It’s actually about both!

Whatever be the profile or size of the company or brand, building a custom mobile app is certainly going to fetch what you otherwise, would have been dreaming of, for your business!

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