LinkedIn Ads – Are they Worth the Investment?

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Talk of social media, and all that flashes in the mind is that blue square framed ‘f,’ Larry, the tiny blue bird seemingly fluttering its wings, the iconic camera lens, and even that curly P. Is that all?

While most of the users may miss to include that bold ‘IN,’ it won’t certainly justify as it represents professionalism, reliability, and gravity, which make it relevant especially for all the business professionals out there!


LinkedIn – A Social Media Platform for Professionals

Yes, LinkedIn off late has turned out to become the most populous social media platform, and still continues to thrive. With over 760 million users, and more than 260 million active users, LinkedIn drives 277% more effective leads than the other major platforms, as reported by Hubspot.


Source: Hubspot

In fact, the platform has also amplified the scope of marketing by enhancing the ability of creating and presenting stories, of course considering professional aspect. Story-telling is the most sought after medium for brands to present them in a more convincing way.

Invest or Not to Invest Stays a Question!

Invest or Not to Invest Stays a Question!

Despite all that, it is seen that businesses and marketers still feel reluctant to invest in LinkedIn marketing, wondering if the ads are really worth the investment. Even for active LinkedIn users, who have been posting feeds in their company page regularly, going for the advertisements or paid option still stays a question.

Searching through the Google in quest for the right answer, they may get overwhelmed with the mix reactions, some really strong, while some mild ones, and yet the same question sails in their minds “Should I invest in LinkedIn ads?”

Well, it all depends upon you, your business requirements and objectives. But that doesn’t answer the question, right.

So, let’s probe deeper in to this matter and be sure about what needs to be done in this regard.

What Makes LinkedIn the Most Promising Platform Ever?

What Makes LinkedIn the Most Promising Platform Ever?

LinkedIn is one social media platform that engages a majority population of professionals, which means serious users looking for smart professional moves, avenues, network, unlike other platforms where the users arrive mostly to spend candid time.

So once you are here as a business, the probability of engaging with the relevant audience becomes much higher. And when you boost your presence with the paid ads, it is bound to make a difference.

LinkedIn ads, are you serious? Why not Facebook?

Surely, these questions may pop up in many minds owing to the fact that Facebook has been all-the-go networking website even for the marketers, with high-end advertising tools.

But the fact is that these ads are abandoned at a soaring rate due to higher incidences of data breach and vulnerability. Businesses have been looking for a better platform for marketing. However, the popular social medium is not to be blamed as it’s the malicious intent of the users that lead to such disasters. That’s where LinkedIn steals the show, being the platform specifically for those carrying a fair and square attitude.

Strong Orientation Towards Professionalism

Strong Orientation Towards Professionalism

Call it a myth or talk of the past, but social media has always been associated with fun, pun, and mindless stories that are spun!

Stressed? Exhausted? Bored? Let’s enjoy some mindless medley of chit-chats, gossips, pictures and videos, and get the world around us. Yes, social media has been serving a nice escapade from daily life stress and of course, the boredom. They would hardly be interested for any business or professional association. While LinkedIn is the platform visited by people seeking relevant information about jobs, leads, updates about their professional associates, which may be directly or indirectly impacting them in some or the other way.

They will be more interested in the ads that may be apposite for them, and may find them engaging. To present more value to them through your ads, you may attach white papers, to materialize on the engagement your ad draws with them.

An Upfront B2B Marketing Medium

While any marketer may end up beating around the bush while marketing on other darling platforms serving the league of amateurs, LinkedIn being the business-oriented platform, does some serious targeting by keeping you connected with your present and past business associates likewise and building your network beyond, but accordingly.

So, this allows relevant targeting, and has lead 92% of B2B marketers to incorporate LinkedIn Marketing in their digital marketing strategy, according to a survey conducted by DemandWave, as shown below.


Source: DemandWave

Of course, you can further enhance the target base on your own.

A Smart B2C Connector as Well!

A Smart B2C Connector as Well

Apart from connecting you with other businesses, LinkedIn builds strong network with your consumers as well. The best part of LinkedIn marketing is that it presents the brands to consumers in a more authenticated and acceptable manner, without being pushy or irksome. Over the years, the social media of professionals has developed an image of that ‘studious’ stud among the peers, who would earn the trust of every teacher.

For serious consumers, the LinkedIn ads and even the sponsored mails carry more value than those on any other platform, owing to a different mind-set of LinkedIn users. Reaching out to the prospective consumers with all the relevant information and a smart CTA, definitely enhances the chances of conversion. Innovation and thought-provoking ideas are certainly the keys of the bunch!

Well, this isn’t the case with sponsored ads and mails on other platforms.

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Targeting with a Multi-Faceted Approach

Artificial Intelligence for Intelligent B2B Marketing

B2B, B2C – and that is not all!

The networking on LinkedIn is not confined to the present and past company connections, or profile and skills you have. Following a multi-layered targeting approach, you can establish a great network beyond!

Yes, you can establish more connections directly on the basis of other search factors like – designations held by the people, different skillsets, in accordance with your needs and goals. While establishing connections, you can even refer to endorsements and ratings, which may further help you to authenticate about that particular prospect connection.

Accessibility to Substantiated Contact Information

Accessibility to Substantiated Contact Information

Unlike other social media platforms, where despite enough friendly interaction, you fail to set the seal on your connection due to the mesh of filters, LinkedIn provides better accessibility to the contact information, to allow you materialize the association at professional level. The direct messaging system allows running paid ads to the target audience directly through their email contacts, with their company contacts.

So the chances of lead generation unequivocally get higher.

Generation of Leads that are to the Purpose

Generation of Leads that are to the Purpose

The leads generated through LinkedIn ads are usually found to be more authentic than those received on other social media platforms like Facebook.

In a study conducted by Hubspot, it was reported that LinkedIn generated the highest qualified leads, summing up to three times than Twitter and Facebook.

The path to the whitepaper shown in your LinkedIn ad received as an email, certainly adds too much value for users to not abandon it, and reciprocate to you as qualified leads.

The Take Away…

For any business, a LinkedIn account serves as a gateway to a multitude of opportunities, but to broaden the potential of this gateway to let more opportunities in, paid ads are the best way, that not only allow you to reach out to your business associates and prospective consumers, but also help you to capitalize on these connections through qualified lead generation.

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