Is Email Marketing Dying?

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In the crowd of new ‘promising’ marketing tools, email seems to have lost its importance somewhere. With most of the people considering it ‘boring’ or an ‘old school’ marketing technique, while ignoring enormous of them pouring in their mail box every hour, it looks like email marketing has lost its significance somewhere in the midst of innovative ways of marketing, isn’t it?

As a busines owner or marketer, do you feel sceptical about investing time and energy in email marketing?

Well, there is absolutely no need to ruminate over this, as the trend of email marketing that had already been considered to have turned ‘old,’ is rather on the rise, as one of the best ways of marketing your business and driving sales. It is interesting to note that 99% of email users check their email every day; in fact, 58.7% do that even before checking their social media accounts, as shown below:


Source: Optinmonster

Checking emails has become an anywhere, anytime quick activity, thanks to the rise of mobiles! With their personal screens in their palms all the time, they check the emails as much as 20 times a day.

Email marketing is still more powerful than SEO, social media or any other form of marketing. There are some facts that indicate that email marketing is definitely not dying for now.

Meeting Out the Expectations of Consumers

Meeting Out the Expectations of Consumers

Email marketing is still booming and is the most promising marketing method today, despite the advent of social media, as it still helps in building strong inter-personal relations way better than any other technique. Even today, the consumers like to receive emails from the brands they wish to connect to, as emails convey messages at more personal level and in much better way than any of the social mediums. They still prefer to see personalized messages addressing them as “Dear” rather than quick ones in the form of Facebook ‘comments’ and ‘tweets.’

A study reported that, the emails with discount schemes are opened at the rate 72%. It’s quite obvious, as the authenticity value gets automatically added to the discount scheme, when served wrapped in that digital envelope!

Even B2B marketers prefer marketing emails more than any other marketing source.

According to a latest report, the top 3 reasons why personalization is important in email marketing are – improved open rate (82%), higher CTR (75%), and higher customer satisfaction (58%), as depicted below.

Emails, the Fact of Everyday Life of Teenagers

Emails, the Fact of Everyday Life of Teenagers

No matter how popular may become social mediums, emails are still considered to be more factful by the young teenage users. Social media got immense popularity, but as a casual source of friendship, networking and entertainment, and this image of social media still exists no matter, how significant has it become for businesses and marketers.

Reports say that emails are trusted by more than 3/4 of teenagers in the US, yes teenagers! They check their emails almost every day. Irrespective of the age group, emails still carry that badge of authenticity, that makes them most trusted source, especially for customers who connect with brands through them.

You still cannot at once, believe upon that 50% discount offer mentioned in a Facebook comment, or tweeted to you, would you?

Serving the Promise of Reaching Out to the Maximum

There is a popular belief among most of the marketers, especially the novice ones, that through social media they reach the audience of millions instantly, and that too for FREE!

Well, it may sound heart breaking, but social media does not do that, as much as emails do. As per Optinmonster, the total engagement rate of social media was recorded to be not even 1%, while the email open rate was reported to be 22.86%.

Breaking the boundaries of age-group of the recipients targeted, and their geographical locations, emails reach out to them better with maximum by iOS mail client, followed by Gmail that claims of having over 1.5 billion users.

According to a report, emails reach about 85% of people they are intended for, and this fact makes them the most reliable marketing medium for marketers who can connect with their wider customer base, as well as engage them better. Email marketing should certainly be considered as an essential part of digital marketing strategy.

Delivering ROI that Makes It a Not-to-Miss Technique

Delivering ROI that Makes It a Not-to-Miss Technique

Investment is one factor that raises apprehensions over being right or wrong, paying or losing. Same goes for investing in email marketing, with which people stay concerned about ROI. But there is nothing to feel so skeptical about!

Well, every aspect of digital marketing is different, and has its own role to play. Therefore, nothing should be compared, and that is why this doesn’t make it completely viable to consider that email marketing outshines social media in terms of revenue generation as well. But that’s the fact and carries enough weightage, as it supports another fact that email marketing is certainly not dying!

According to Campaign Monitor, 89% marketers believe that email marketing serves as a major source of lead generation. It generates revenue worth whopping 4400%, which calculates the return to be $44 on every dollar you spend. Anyone would wonder “really?”

Most Promoted Technique for Promotional Messages

Emails are widely welcomed especially if they are about promotional deals or discounts. This statement is supported by the fact by MarketingSherpa that says, about 60% consumers subscribe to receive regular emails on deals, which is much more than the consumers who follow brands on social media. However, numerous coupon websites like Rakuten, Swagbucks, SlickDeals and more, have popped up, yet promotional emails continue to carry a wide ground.

Consumers rely upon promotional emails more than the social media messages which disappear with the blink of an eye, to not necessarily be found; while promotional emails are meant for your keeps as they don’t vanish away.

Email Marketing Trends in Coming Years

Email Marketing Trends in Coming Years

The future of email marketing is definitely bright with new trends that will be followed by the marketers. Meeting the expectations of subscribers will require the marketers to go ahead that extra mile to provide interactive experience while maintaining authenticity.

Hyper-personalizing the Emails: Various email marketing tools have surfaced in the market that have automated the entire process and therefore, the marketers need to be very particular on keeping a tab on the process and to stay focused on being subscriber-centric by hyper-personalizing the emails they send. Simply addressing by name of the customer is not enough these days; the message should also carry the content that people can relate with. This can be better done by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) with the email automated process.

Considering Email Accessibility: According to a report by World Bank, about 15% of the total world population, which accounts to 37.5 million, is suffering from some or the other disability. So, accessibility concerns are faced by millions! Therefore, considering accessibility factor in every marketing activity is very important, including email marketing. This can be done by using the accessible design, typography, content, and lot more.

Considering Email Accessibility

Experimenting with Varied Content Variations: The marketers need to try different content combinations in their emails and assess how far they work. This can be done by added pictures, videos, and lot of interactive content to engage the subscribers. But of course, one needs to adhere to the suitability of the content and should refrain from getting digressed from relevance.

Fetching Insights from Big Data: Deriving insights from big data helps marketers to be more precise in their email messaging. By fetching the right data, marketers can understand what the subscribers actually want, and can deliver them more relevant and impactful content at the right time, to engage them in a better way. Accordingly, the email campaigns can be created for better output.

In the Nutshell

The emergence of new marketing tools, methods, means, and techniques led people to consider email marketing to have turned obsolete. But email marketing never died, it has rather evolved and stayed relevant for marketers. Some of them didn’t leverage it, that’s their choice led by the perception they developed, and does not pin-point at the efficiency of email marketing.

Email marketing continues to star-perform in the world of digital marketing and should be considered as an integral part of a winning digital marketing strategy. Tarika Technologies provides exemplary email marketing services following an integrated approach for developing a strategy intended on boosting brand visibility, and increasing online traffic and sales.

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