How Far Does Website Design Matter

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First impression is the last impression!

Well, the saying may not really be true for many valid reasons, yet justifies the significance of website designs quite well. Would you enter a restaurant that is dull and dingy, no matter is selling the food to die for? You may, but before entering you would give it a thought, won’t you?

Being presentable matters most today, as it instantly drives attention.

No matter, how great the content of any website be, until its design is clean, pleasing and presentable, it will not get as much traffic and engagement, as it deserves. The look and feel of the design are one of the contributing factors, that determine how long are the visitors going to stay on the website.

Web designing is not simply about selecting the perfect color schemes and vectors, it is also about every bit of space on the website, the front-end and, of course the back-end, that are responsible for the user experience.  Here’s what every website designer should know and consider while designing a website.



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