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Attention! Attention!

Well, this may be the most difficult thing, one may ask for. Yes, Attention – that comes with patience and is lacking in every individual today, especially the consumers of today. But the consumers aren’t to be blamed for this, it’s the number of product options that they’re flooded with. They don’t need to stick to one and compromise as they know they can switch to the better ones.

Now, let’s step into the customer’s shoes.

You want to buy a pair of boxers, and the brand that you had been buying from, does not have a peculiar shade or print you want. Will you stick to that brand? No, you would look for another. There is no point compromising, especially when you have so many options around.

Information is the Key to Buying Decisions

Information is the Key to Buying Decisions

It is also about understanding the product. Let’s consider the most important product that had been in severe demand in past one year, due to the pandemic – yes, that’s an oxygen concentrator.

Unless you know about a particular product in terms of its features, unique selling price (USP) and all that allows you to be sure about the deal, you cannot really take the decision of buying it. And therefore, it becomes the brand’s responsibility to present that product in a way that it is well understood by the potential customers.

Imagine you’re scrolling up and down through your wall on Facebook. You just come across some carousals displaying a product that you get really interested in. You click on the CTA hoping to get quick information about the product, and all you find is the pool of texts and ordinary images, you don’t wish to drown in. What will you do? Certainly, leave the site, to search for another where the easily conceivable information is provided.

Any unpleasant experience is avoided by everyone, and so even you won’t ever would wish to be back on the same website again, despite the fact that you were interested in that product initially. So, who’s at fault? It’s the way you presented your product – just in texts and images.

In today’s world, where even a child gets habitual of the screen in motion, and shows least interest in reading books, it is hard to convince the customer too, mere with texts and images. They tend to leave all that looks boring and exhaustive to them. Of course, they would have stayed, had there been some videos about the features of the product along with some real life experiences around it.

That’s where explainer videos play the meatiest of roles for any business by driving conversions right from the product website itself.

They allow the visitors to take away what they had come for – information.

Without being informed, no one can reach to any conclusion or take any decision, especially when it is about spending money for buying something. Though, some brands could use the same medium quite effectively, yet at a point of time they fail to convince the customer, as even they may leave the gaps.

Videos that Explain – Explainer Videos

Videos that Explain – Explainer Videos

Explainer videos not only fill these gaps but also allow the customers to get their doubts clarified, so that they conclude the incident with the most sought after decision – the decision to buy!

Whenever you buy anything, what do you look for? You look for the reason why should you buy the product. Unless you know the product, you won’t be able to convince even to yourself about why should you buy it.

Explainer videos are the crisp and easy to understand videos, that describe the product in a far better way. They allow people to take a clear view of the product and, and hence the buying decision without single sniff!

Sometimes when those honeycombs of texts are not able to explain the product to the visitor, the explainer videos do. Without having to invest much of their time in going through the crowd of texts, they make the visitors understand about all the benefits that they would be enjoying while using the product. Once the visitor is convinced enough, the conversion happens.

Where there are Explainer Videos, there’s Attention!

Where there are Explainer Videos, there’s Attention!

The ease with which these videos draw the people’s attention, defines their worth in any business website. Explainer videos serve as the perfect answer to the short attention spans of the customer of today. The shorter the videos, the quicker is the attention span, as people like them more. They share them further.

Do you know, any video that is as short as 15 seconds is shared 37% more by the people?

In fact, there is a newer source now, according to which, 77% of the audience watches explainer videos spanning up to 2 whole minutes. While a text-based blog post is followed till the end by just 20% of the readers.

The belief of marketers that the patience levels of consumers are depleting rapidly is a genuine concern but not for those who have incorporated explainer videos in their marketing strategies.

So, if you haven’t included them in your marketing strategy yet, you may be missing a lot that could have been leveraged otherwise.

Well, the most common cause behind the reluctance of marketers in incorporating explainer videos in their strategies has been the thought of they are that worth the investment.

They’d always think “Explainer videos, are they worth the money and effort invested?

The answer to this question lies behind the real life case studies of several brands that could really make a mark, simply by adding explainer videos to their marketing strategies, such as Dropbox. They initially started with Google AdWords, but as soon as they included explainer videos in their marketing efforts, they achieved 10% increase in their conversion rate, which amounted to whopping 100 million customers, getting $48 million added to their return on investment.

Incorporating Explainer Video Marketing, But How to Go About It?

Incorporating Explainer Video Marketing, But How to Go About It

It is interesting to note that videos are the most sought after content that helps the marketers draw maximum attention of the audience. But how and where is it to be implemented, so that you get the maximum benefit, is what one needs to know.

Homepage is Where the Heart of the Audience Is!

In any website, the best place where the explainer videos can have a larger impact on the audience, is the homepage itself. As mentioned in another source, it was found that 83% businesses got their conversion rates improved just with the explainer videos on their respective website homepages. Another right placement of these videos on a website is, on the landing page.

Google Loves Videos & So Does the Audience!

In digital marketing, ranking is what matters the most.

Do you know, there are 50 times chances of explainer videos to rank on page 1 of the Google search results?

But that doesn’t mean any video would rank on search engine result pages. The video needs to be captivating enough, just like how explainer videos are supposed to be. Create enticing videos about your brand’s products and services if you want them to rank higher and be in the audience’s eyes.

The video content should be such that the audience asks for more.

Know About Top 7 Animated Explainer Video Marketing Tips.

Despite all that, it is however, shocking to know that even today, 12% businesses do not market with explainer videos. And the reason is again surprising, though a legitimate one – are they worth it?

Of course, it is a genuine reason as explainer videos don’t come easy, and rather require time, effort and moolah. It is natural for anyone to ponder about the alternative ways that could be cheaper, especially when they are not sure about the results or ROI. If that is the case with you, Let’s talk!

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