Evaluate Your Website with These 5 Smart Valuation Tools

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A website is an asset for a business!

An asset is something that carries an economic value for future benefits. Ever wished to evaluate your prized possession? Yes, if you plan about selling your website, how much will you get?

A lot depends upon the reason behind your decision to sell your website. It may be out of frustration owing to the amount of time and effort exhausted on your website without any idea about the ultimate goal of the website. But if the website has been generating enough income for you, it is certainly going to fetch you the price in in multiples. But there has to be a certain

Whatever it may be, you first need to evaluate your website, and that’s when you will require evaluation tools. The tools will help you evaluate your website on the basis of its age, type, and many other factors, depending upon which the selling price of the website will be determined.

Well, that can better be done with the help of some really intelligent website worth evaluators with top ones being – GoDaddy, Flippa, Empire Flippers, AdSense Benchmark, Ahrefs Traffic value, and Worth of Web.

Let’s dig in deep to know what these tools have to offer.

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GoDaddy is known to be the fastest, easiest and most accurate website evaluator.

It evaluates the website by finding out if the website name contains any specific keywords, and that how other websites sharing similar names have been sold so far.

The best part about GoDaddy is along with estimated price of the website, it also provides a clear explanation about why is it priced so. Not only this, the website even offers a list of other domain names available for purchase, so that those who are on a lookout for cheaper substitute can really have choices to make.

Even if you’re not selling your website, GoDaddy will give you a good idea about how much can you draw from the website even if you are not in a mood to sell it. While this doesn’t take into account the value of the business and the website itself, it gives you a good idea of how much just the domain might bring in if you’re no longer planning to use it.



This is the most popular source for buying and selling of the websites. To strike the right deals, Flippa serves as a great website valuation tool, that gets you the clear picture about how your website would get you paid for.

If you agree with the pricing, you will also be offered to list your website on Flippa at no cost at all. And even if you don’t, Flippa will help you understand how’s the pricing been done, through a free consultation, which will give you a clear insight into the value of your website. Flippa also helps the website owners to enhance their websites to increase the value of this asset so that when come again for its evaluation, they get better pricing than before. This involves optimization of the website and lot more.



As the name indicates, Estibot is about estimation. The website tool provides an estimation about the website value by considering a range of associated factors such as keywords the website is optimized with, cost-per-click, etc.

Well, Estibot’s uniqueness lies in the way it provides statistics behind the website value that is based on the metrics like website traffic, ranking and more. The website potential is very well revealed following these metrics. All this tool requires from the users for making multiple searches is registration, and is absolutely free of charge.



A website is evaluated by determining how it performs and makes it on Google AdSense. This is known as the website potential. To evaluate the website’s potential, this handy tool by SEMRush comes into play while buying or selling the website.

To improve the value of your website and the quality score, the website should be optimized well with the relevant keywords. There are often the times, when the website owner shifts to the idea of retaining the revenue generating website, and awaits the time when the higher price of the website is offered, which may lie anywhere between the desired value and the market value.



Ahref is a great SEO tool that finds out the website value by determining the traffic on the website.

All you need to do is, simply create an account on Ahref, and login whenever you need to check the website worth by simply entering the domain name. Ahref will find out the traffic received on the website and its value in terms of SEO.

So you will know the potential of your website and others’ too. You never know, you may get a good deal for buying and selling the website. Well, there are a few aspects that you need to consider like how has it maintained and is performing. There has to be a concrete record on the investment made on the website and the returns it got it back. Also, you should be able to change the ownership of the website.

Want to Sell Your Website? Here are the No-Nos You Should Know!

Even if you are not selling your website, finding out its worth may at least give you an idea about what you need to do to enhance the value of your website. But if you are looking to sell it, then while setting your expectations about hitting the right deal, you should first know about what needs to be taken care of.

Selling a website is not like selling cupcakes. There are banana peels scattered at certain points that may give you a good fall, costing you badly. Here are the major ones that should better skip over:

Unnecessary Inclusion of Vanity Metrics

It is always good to serve even a piece of information with stats as that adds to authenticity of the information. But sometimes, overdoing even a good thing may lead to a negative impact on the person sitting on the other side of the table.

Even the stats that are irrelevant may harm the image of the website. Therefore, refrain from adding vanity metrics as they would hardly talk about the performance of your website, and may rather annoy the buyer.

Present all the information that gives that buyer a clear insight into your website, its unique selling points (USPs), its performance, and promises.

Superfluous Presentation & Trendy Show-Off

It is quite natural for anyone to deck up and decorate what they are going to sell. While selling a website they may pep up few pages at the front with all the trending tit-bits, as that sells faster. People get more attracted to the in-trend things, and may take no time in buying them. They may even sell it further until the time that trend is there. But once that trend passes, those short-term efforts cease to pay.

Therefore, try to focus on all that is going to stay.

Buzz is good, but Promising is better.

Present what people find promising in the times to come, as that offers value to the potential buyers.

Unpreparedness Before Selling

It may seem contradictory considering the previous point that does not support pepping up what you are going to sell. Well, there is a difference!

Overdoing involves superfluous claims, and one should refrain from doing that. What one should not miss out on is – Preparedness. Now the question arises, why working on what won’t be mine anymore? Is it going to help me?

Yes, certainly!

When you out to sell anything, what you expect is getting a fair price, don’t you?

Giving some efforts on the website you are going to sell is totally worth it, as it is just to get the right value to you. You can even bargain for striking a great deal, but that should be not more than the actual worth and potential of your website.

If you are looking to optimize your website already, we can do that for you!

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