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Evolution is a constant process and happens everywhere. Content marketing is not untouched with this incessant process. With the advent of technology, content marketing has metamorphosed into being an advanced method for enterprise-level brands as well as small and medium-sized businesses, to not just market the products or service offerings to their customers, but also to evoke engagement and educate them about all the related interesting stuff, they have to offer.

Repudiating the conventional means to draw their customers’ attention towards their exclusive cuisine, Wolf’s Ridge Brewing employed an interactive bot to engage and educate them about their signature specials!

The potential of technology in encouraging imaginative ideas to influence, brainstorm and engage the audience is tremendous. Several new technological tools have emerged with enormous capability of dragooning the audience to listen and observe what the brand has to present to them.

But before leveraging these tools, it is important to create appropriate strategies along with the promising content infused with a great brand story. Well, that’s certainly going to be quite interesting with technological magic wand in your hands, but always remember to make best of your storytelling skill, with which you can evoke emotions in your audience and can compel them to reciprocate accordingly for the action or step to be taken.

The Art of Data-Driven Storytelling in Marketing Landscape

The Art of Data-Driven Storytelling in Marketing Landscape

Organizing and analyzing data to convey the story’s value convinces better, leading to increased revenue, growth, and retention.

“When you have the data the right way, and you’re able to present it in a way they can easily understand and see the value you’re creating, they become all of a sudden that much more open to the next idea,” says Heather Whaling, CEO, Geben Communications.

To be able to drive data, you need to embrace new technologies, by operating in a technology-driven environment, where you can engage the audience with your more authentic brand’s story.
“Every content marketer is missing something from their tech stack. Content marketing is a delicate, interconnected ecosystem – you have to have the right technology for each aspect of the process,” says Scott Spjut, assistant vice president, social and digital content, Fifth Third Bank.

The effectiveness of content marketing increases manifold when you have data in your hand, but you certainly need technology to extract it, which is known as Data Scraping. Parsehub, Octoparse,, Grepsr are some of the data scraping tools, that content marketers can use to extract data for integrating in the content they market the product and service offerings with.

Meticulous Content Marketing with Machine Learning

Meticulous Content Marketing with Machine Learning

Gone are the times when people would swim through the sea of irrelevant content to reach to what they had been looking for. The recent advancements in machine learning has enabled the marketers to present right content to the right people, at the right time.

Let’s dig deeper into this!

Specific or custom crafted content is created for every individual. Artificial Intelligence has allowed the marketers to learn about likes, dislikes of the users, and understand their online behaviour by their browsing activities. You actually don’t need to collect all the information from them through any sort of forms or surveys conducted, as the user data generated during their online activity, does that for you automatically. So, you get to know what they wish to buy on their visit to the online store, or which genre of movies interests them, or even what tip to ease domestic life are they looking for.

Finding relatable content has led to the increase in engagements by leaps and bounds thereby, generated more ROI for some brands. Though it is quite natural and obvious for the users to feel sceptical about their further browsing activity, and even develop the feelings of distrust against the brand. And this is assessed to be one of the reasons why some marketers feel hesitant to power their marketing with Artificial Intelligence.

“I see marketers shy away from AI-powered marketing technology and startups until the adoption is higher. But now is the time to embrace the speed, insights, and agility AI-powered technology has to offer and get ahead of competitors,” states Jeff Coyle, chief product officer, MarketMuse.

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Data-Driven Content Marketing – It’s All in the Data!

Data-Driven Content Marketing - It’s All in the Data!

Ever wondered about how that crystal jewellery appears on Facebook ads, that you had been looking for, a night before? That’s the magic of data!

Numerous privacy concerns have been raised by the people about their browsing activity, as a result of the suspicion led by content recommendations offered to them. Well, the ability of big organizations to serve relevant content as per the data extracted about the liking and requirement, is certainly not indicative of malicious intent. With data received just as zeros and ones, it is certainly not going to disturb the anonymity of anyone in the end.

The smart information is processed and used ethically, as a part of content marketing campaign, it becomes as favorable as a lock and key situation. The right audience is reached by the right brand, and the audience reciprocates, leading to mutually commendatory actions.

The integration of technology and content marketing is grabbing the larger ground, as this allows the brands to present the authentic and appropriate content that evokes their emotions and engages them naturally, without being pushy. Owing to being beneficial to both the brand and consumers, the data-driven story-telling has become an integral part of content marketing strategy.

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Not only this, data can be derived even to inform marketers about how well could their content be associated with the users. This, however is not as much in practice, as it should be. According to a report by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), only 43% of B2C content marketers could get a superior level of lucidity on the outcome of their content marketing strategies and efforts.

For 31% of brands and B2C marketers, understanding and adopting technology for marketing the content, still poses as one of the major challenges, they need to win over.

Here’s another leap in content marketing that is driven by Content Marketing Software. This is the newest dawn in the world of content marketing. It is expected that by 2028, the global Content Marketing Software will reach a CAGR of 18.7% and will have the market size of USD 22.6 billion, owing to its increasing demand in various industries. The software provides personalized content and engagements through this software, which leads to growth in revenue generation for the business.

So what has led to such an increased demand of content marketing software?

Well, that’s due to the fact that more and more content marketers are presenting visual content to add appeal to the products and services that are offered to the customer.

More and more specialized and personal content is produced among B2C businesses as this allows direct influence upon the customer to generate increased brand credibility and customer loyalty. That’s smart content marketing!

Are you a brand looking to reach your audience with smart content marketing?

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