A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words – Capabilities of Visual Search Marketing Brands Should Leverage

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For any brand, it is crucial to make sure that the user experience is optimum. In fact, the ambitious brands are always up to adopting innovative means and methods to enhance experience for the users. One such method is Visual Search Marketing.

As a brand, you can now make things far easier for your customers by using visual search tools that will allow them to search with images. The trend of visual search marketing is grabbing the ground fast. Let’s dig in further to understand what this marketing technique is all about.

Well, there may have been many instances, when you would have come across visual search marketing, on social media and search engines, but hardly you must have had noticed it.

What Is Visual Search Marketing?

What Is Visual Search Marketing

In simple terms, as the name indicates, visual search marketing involves making searches with the help of images of the products. The AI and search algorithms play a significant role in identifying these images and come up with the information pertaining to exactly same product or the products matching with it.

Visual search marketing is today looked upon as the most promising aspect of digital marketing. In fact, there are many platforms that are already using this technology, such as Pinterest and Google.

There are over 600 million visual searches on Pinterest every month, reports a source. It is estimated that the visual search marketing industry will rise to be worth $40 billion, by 2025.

The role of visual search technology in various industries has been increasing and is already cornering the text based search, as depicted below.


Source: Smart Insights

What’s Making the Visual Marketing Industry So Significant?

What’s Making the Visual Marketing Industry So Significant

This has a lot to do with the consumer behavior that keeps changing with time, and gives a way to the changing trends as well. It is interesting to note that today, more than 60% of users comprising of Millennials and Generation Z population prefer searching for any product with images and not by texting about it.

The CEO of Pinterest Ben Silbermann clearly states, “The future of search will be about pictures rather than keywords.”

That’s something for good only as one of the studies has already concluded that on an average, a person can recall 65% of the visual content seen by them, even after three days. Certainly the buyers would buy what stays in their minds for longer, and visual search marketing is a way to make best of this fact by the marketers.

Owing to the buying capacity of the consumers that has always been surging, the businesses should understand the significance of visual search marketing and integrate its associated features in their website. This is how they can widen their reach by connecting with younger purchasers as well, and thereby can increase their chances of sale.

The increased visibility opens the gateway to more opportunities and expansion.

The search engine performance automatically improves with enhanced brand visibility using this new technology along with regular digital marketing methods.

How is Visual Search Marketing Making a Difference?

The businesses, brands and platforms that have already adopted this new technology are already witnessing the growth in terms of reachability, audience engagement, and finally the sales.

Even for small businesses that are looking to grow, visual search marketing can be adopted as one of the best practices.

The visual search marketing performance can be enhanced by making sure that the product images are well optimized with the right size and picture clarity, for all screen sizes. The search engines love such images as they choose them among the rest for displaying in front of potential customers.

Recently, a Florida-based furniture retailer who had adopted the new visual search function for easing the search process by the customers with the help of furniture image, revealed that the order value got boosted by 26%.

In the words of digital marketing VP Anelena Longhi, “In today’s digital world, customers are not just searching for available products. Specifically, in the home décor space, they seek specific styles and looks for certain elements. Visual search ties these elements together in a way that textual queries have never been able to deliver.”

A report indicates that 74% of the population of consumers finds traditional keyword or text based searches to be less efficient than image-based searches.

What Brands Need to Do

So it is quite clear that the image search technology is surely making waves in the digital marketing landscape, and is soon to become the most sought after trend in the industry. Now, brands need to understand and determine the ways with which they can leverage this rapidly emerging marketing trend.

Image Optimization for Better Search Results

Whether it is text-based search or image-based, the competition is always there as the search engines pick all that is optimized well. So, the brands need to optimize their images for better visibility on searches, reach and attention of the audience. The more optimized will be the image, the better will be its SEO performance.

Converting Image Search into Web Inventory

That’s what Pinterest did by rolled out its visual search technology into apps and websites of Target, which increased its expenditure on the ads on Pinterest.

Well, the retail brands have already started to build their visual search feature into web inventory. More and more brands are now coming forward for this.

Advertising on Pinterest

Advertising on Pinterest

With Pinterest already receiving 600 million searches every month, it certainly makes sense for the brands to start advertising on Pinterest.

Do you know, the ads on Pinterest are more than twice efficient than those on other social media platforms, in terms of cost per conversion. Even the ROI generated by these ads is two times more than the ads posted on other social mediums, as it is revealed that half of users make purchase right after finding a Pin that is promoted well. The best part about advertising on Pinterest is, that it isn’t really very complex, owing to advanced technology involved in image recognition, it fetches quick and automated results.

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Concluding Note

Gone are the days when Innovation birthed from necessity. Today, it births from changing needs, expectations and priorities of customer. Yes, customer is the prime consideration for the brands, and accordingly they integrate latest technological innovations in their strategies. Earlier it was voice search that got wide acceptance and got into practice. Now, its image search that’s grabbing the ground faster. The brands should take advantage of this innovative technology by planning to integrate it in their digital marketing strategies right at this stage, the stage of infancy.

Certainly, it is going to be the most sought after digital marketing method in the times to come. We keep a close watch on the current as well as the futuristic trends underway, and keep implementing them in our digital marketing strategies to make them impactful and result-oriented.

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