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Trends, Trends, Trends! Social media is all about trends that keep changing every now and then. New features come up to be make these social media platforms more promising, especially for brands. No matter, how much the pandemic has put physical stores in a state of desolation, online selling has grown by leaps and bounds with social media taking it to a next level, introducing emerging features that are opening new avenues for brand marketing.

When it comes to marketing on social media, it isn’t simply about selling, it’s about bringing new experiences to life in a way that people can resonate with. It is more about building relationships of habit and trust. Social media is where most of the users visit almost every day. Some visit multiple times in a day. Ever since the pandemic struck, the amount of time spent on social media increased manifold, as that’s what users were left with, staying at home. That’s where marketers got the jackpot of hidden opportunities. Since then, they have already been generating marketing the brands by various means and new features that the platforms have been introducing.

The objective is not just to sell, but to deliver social experiences for building relationships based on loyalty. One of the promising features for the brand marketers these days, is Instagram ‘Reels’. No matter how smartly, have you been marketing your brand on social media, if you are still not on Reels, its high time, you should upgrade your social media marketing strategy.

To be able to keep up with the consumers’ expectations, especially when they from that league of restless souls from millennials, the brands should always stay in motion. Those who quickly jump into adopting these latest means and methods birthed by social media, stay ahead of others.

So, now the question pops up –

Why Reels for Marketing?

Mobile Marketing Isn’t Going to Trend, It’s Already in Trend

The rise of Internet birthed eCommerce, and so evolved marketing on digital platforms, leading more and more shoppers to e-stores. As the technologies are further advancing, the potential of digital marketing is expanding.

Well, it’s because it carries the ability to go viral!

According to Influencer MarketingHub , Louis Vuitton gets 7 million views on an average!

Bringing forth the short, peppy and crispy content to the viewer’s contentment in all the spiciness that they expect, Reels is grabbing the ground faster. Viewers don’t take time to turn to followers and loyal customers. But, wait! Followers, Customers, ROI – This is not all we are going to go gaga over. There’s much more about Reels that makes it up-and-coming on the marketing landscape.

Let’s uncover all that Reels has to offer for brand marketers.

Bringing Forth the Brand Personality, Message & Offering

Social media cannot be pronounced simply as the selling platform for marketers. It is a lot about connecting through communication and engagements. There are many prior objectives of social media before selling, which include establishing a brand personality in front of the prospective customers first. Social media builds brands and not just ‘money,’ and therefore, should build a reputed brand image first, by conveying the right brand message and introducing the product and service offering.

That’s what Reels does! It presents the carefully shot videos in various creative ways, owing to the features it comes with.

Educating your Audience

Prioritizing Customer Experience with Omnichannel Marketing

For any marketer, selling is not the only job. A lot of effort is required before selling, and that’s for educating the user about the brand offering. Remember, educating the prospective customer instils in them a sense of trust for the brand, and that is very crucial for not just one-time sale, but for a long-lasting relation that a loyal customer shares with the brand. This can be started with the quick mention of their pain points as they are able to relate well with the brand and that too instantaneously. In such cases, purchases are very likely to happen as the end result. With such interesting videos, the brand message is easily conveyed and people don’t even realize that something is marketed to them.

Highlighting the USP of Your Product

Multichannel Marketing Gateway to Multiple Opportunities

There is so much competition in every industry today that whatever your product be, unless it is different from others, it won’t sell as much. The more they interact, the more personalized experience they provide to their customers, leading to stronger chances of customer retention.

Even before bringing your product to the market, step into the customer’s shoes and ask yourself, “Why should anyone buy your product?”

“What’s unique in the product that the buyer should ignore other products and consider yours for buying?”

“What unique does your product have, that other’s don’t have?”

Well, you can address to all these questions quite easily if your product or service has a USP to speak about, obviously. But there has to be a reliable and engaging medium that allows you to express the USP of your product very well.

Reels has its own USP that makes it an excellent medium for creating engaging videos with the aid of smart and creative video-making techniques to showcase the USP of your product or service.

What All You Need to Do?

To get the Reels out for your product, you first need to perform a comprehensive research on how the videos have been made on it so far.

  • Simply go through the videos that are already published on Reels.
  • See what your competitors are up to.
  • Apart from this, you would also be required to determine your target audience.
  • Setting an objective of the video you’re going to make.
  • Create storyboard first.
  • Don’t just sell, sell, sell. Don’t be a pushy seller.
  • Position your business in the industry it belongs to.
  • Don’t just simply advertise the product.
  • Market the product by showing them in use, as that sells it better.

So, once you get started it’ll be a great journey as you will be skilled in creating Reels, in a matter of time. If you get short of ideas, you can further repurpose the content you previously posted and saw it perform well. You can perform data analysis and find out what all posts did perform well. You can post them again in various innovative ways.

How to Makes Instagram Reels Addictive

Multichannel Marketing Gateway to Multiple Opportunities

Once you have Instagram Reels in your social media marketing strategy, you can engage the audience in many unique ways, following these tips:

Tip 1: Make behind-the-scene videos.

People love to peep into what’s goes on behind the scenes, and learning about what all they didn’t know about. For example, you’re a baker and are popular for Garlic Mushroom bread loaf. Being crazy about your loaf, your customers would surely love to see how is it made. So, one of your Reels dedicated to your baking process would be a great watch for your customers.

Tip 2: Keep your content 100 percent original.

Create videos that have ideas nowhere else to be found. Viewers engage with all that is original, else they won’t as there are other sources that they can or must have watched already.

Tip 3: Count the Differences of Before and After

In case you are a product, there can be no other better way of showing its effectiveness or benefits than before and after videos. Such videos have proved to be extremely convincing.

Tip 4: Create DIY Videos

These are the most sought after videos that people engage with, as they learn something new that is beneficial for them. Make videos that has your product being used in such DIY activities. Viewers will instantly relate with them and will take no time buying them, without any pushy marketing.

Tip 5: Share Trivia, Tips & Tricks

Sharing exclusive trivia facts, tips and tricks can be very engaging for the audience. Though in general sense, they even may be simple tips and tricks, but for some they may be life-changing.

Is Instagram, Brainjacker or a Brainjuvenator? Click here to know.

Let’s Conclude…

With constant evolution happening in social media platforms, all that matters is the opportunities that new features bring along for the brands to showcase their products and services in a better way. The consumer behavior is constantly changing and to cater to its growing demands, brands can integrate Reels in their marketing strategy for really better outcomes.

Are you ready to take your social media branding to a new level? Try Instagram’s Reels!

In order to make your Instagram Reels more engaging, you need to focus on Instagram caption as well.

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