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In an ideal content writing situation, a lot of coffee, patience and innovative thinking is required to create ideas worth the read. Usually, the content writers are always up to a lot of research work to keep coming up with all the interesting stuff that can entice and engage the readers. Though, even they know that a large part of their content may or may not be really paid attention to, not even the worth their painstaking efforts and hours of research work. This has been the ever-lasting concern for content writers. Despite all the hard work that they do, they don’t get that assurance of being read or even noticed to some extent.

So, what can be the solution to this? Artificial Intelligence?

At this time when all of the content writing work is already done with human instincts, thoughts and abilities, the AI taking over the lead feels like a bizarre idea. Well, this is what going to happen in the times to come. With evolving technologies, the content marketing strategies will be changed to a great extent, and there will be a lot of impact on the way content marketing is performed at present.

Content Writing & Cognition – Is There Any Place for AI?

Content Writing & Cognition - Is There Any Place for AI

Content Marketing and AI? Content writing is all about cognitive abilities where human ideas generate after interpretations and analysis of different situations. Naturally, you must be wondering about how would AI be a part of Content marketing strategy. Is that really possible? And even if it is, will that be the content worth it? Won’t it be Artificial content?

Won’t the ‘artificial’ element of AI, meddle up with personal human impressions?

Well in that case, even the AI will be required to perform ample research!

To device a content strategy, the reading behavior of the readers or audience needs to be analyzed, and accordingly the content can be customized. That’s the most important part of content marketing strategies. Following this rule, AI has already intervened in driving the content on various platforms, especially social media. Facebook already presents to the users, all the news feeds according to their interests that are revealed with their behavior on the platform. In fact, AI interprets the user behavior for good.

As Mark Zuckerberg, CEO – Facebook says, “More than 95 per cent of the hate speech that we take down is done by an AI and not by a person. And I think it’s 98 or 99% of the terrorist content that we take down is identified by an AI and not a person. However, this automated approach sometimes misses ‘nuances’ in content, specifically in terms of denouncing hate speech.”

In concluding words, AI has already stepped in the content scene.

Of course, it is going to assist and replace the content writers in future, for the human mind is supreme, being made by the God.

Content Intelligence – So, How Is It Going to Be?

Content Intelligence – So, How Is It Going to Be

Enormous content is produced by the content writers and marketers every day. Yes, this is the way marketers can reach out to both their customers and prospective customers. They are created in various forms like blog posts, articles, white papers, photos, videos, and social media posts, and what not.

So what impact is this huge amount of content laying upon the people? It can quite be cumbersome to find so, and that is where the role of content intelligence comes into light. Content intelligence is all about analysis of the big data to allow the content marketers have a clear insight into the impact of the huge amount of content on the masses.

The Key Giveaways of Content Intelligence

Data Extraction, Analysis & Reporting – The content intelligence software analyzes the big data that is extracted from the huge amount of content created in a matter of time. The high-performing relevant content is determined to let the content marketers know about their reach, impact, and take informed decisions and create further strategies based on them.

They will have better idea about how to steer their content marketing strategy in the right direction.

Content Analysis – The specific content in bits is also analyzed with Natural Language Processing (NLP), and the content, voice tone and even the tips for content writers are provided to enable them make their content better in all aspects including SEO.

Automated Content Creation – Not all of the content, but a part of it is automated, following analysis of the content with artificial intelligence and deriving conclusions upon which the decisions that are executed automatically, are based.

Content Management –  Though there are various analytical tools available for data analysis, such as Google analytics, but since there has to be a huge amount of data that can be analyzed by content intelligence, it needs to be more deeply integrated with content management system. In fact, there are many content intelligence systems that already come with CMS expediency.

Content Intelligence is based upon the research of any particular topic or keyword. It uses various tools to determine the content that is performing well and so bring along novel content ideas. There are various content intelligence tools namely, Buzzsumo, Episerver, SpyFu, Contently, TrackMaven, Curata, NewsCred, Storybase, Answer The Public, and many more.

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence?

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Human Intelligence

No matter how much has technology advanced, Artificial Intelligence is far from replacing human intelligence. There are still numerous aspects, where AI cannot even matchup to the abilities of the supreme intelligence. It will assist humans, won’t replace them, at least for now.

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