8 Tips for Web Design That Drive Sale

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Do you know, about 48% of people have quoted the website’s design as the number one factor in deciding credibility of a business!

Even a great content and SEO based website procuring a respectable ranking on the search engine and a decent amount of traffic is worthless unless it generates enough conversions or sales. After all, that is what it is developed for!

Lack of a compatible website design does not let even a high-profile website make mint.

It may sound so, but a website design does not simply make the website go viola! It also plays a pivotal role in generating sales, leads and conversions. A design lays the first impression of a website by 94 percent!

Now the question pops up, how come a website design be responsible for sales?

Of course! A good web design does not simply adorn the website, it also impacts sales, yes Sales!

Let’s see how!


1. Get a Great Landing Page

You have the visitor! So, your SEO worked well, Congrats! It’s now the landing page which is the entrance to your website. Definitely, it has to be good enough to make the visitor stay and in fact, get along rest of the pages too. A strong and catchy heading, attention-grabbing high-definition picture, an engaging content and a call-to-action prompt can definitely get you conversions. 

2. Navigate the Visitor, for He’s New!

Now that you have got enough attention of the visitor, make sure he is well navigated through your other webpages without getting lost or stuck anywhere, any moment. Imagine yourself left abandoned in a new city, you dropped by for something. You would want to take a quick route to escape from there, won’t you! Getting lost on a page leads to higher bounce rate. Also, make sure, your website has the ‘Search’ feature which enables the visitor to make a direct choice and get to the page that is desired. 

3. Place Impressive Call-to-Action (CTA) Buttons Wherever Possible

A nicely designed call-to-action button that is not pushy but striking, is what makes the person feel the sense of genuineness in the content and click on it. The page visited as result of CTA has to be very well designed so that at any point of time the visitor does not regret his decision of clicking on the CTA and leave. All the CTAs have to be well linked. They play a big role in getting the conversions. 

4. Work on the Loading Speed of Your Page

Whether it is homepage, landing page or any other page, all the pages have to be really light enough to get flipped by the visitor. It is just a matter of seconds and the visitor shuns down the page, only to pick another from a maddening crowd of alternative sources. 

Remember, it takes just 8 seconds for the user to exit the site! You hardly get enough time to impress them. So, optimize each and every image on web-pages and keep upgrading your website to latest PHP versions so that loading speed is not the cause of bounce rate. 

5. Include Videos Wherever Possible

Talk of visuals and characters, visuals will catch almost all eyeballs. Now if you compare between static images and moving one….You know the answer! 

A concept is 75% better understood through videos, as compared to simple images. Even a few-minute video can engage and convince the customer better than any picture advert. You can opt for video production services to have some really nice and engaging videos on your website.

6. Make Your Website Responsive

It won’t be a wonder, if you’d be reading this blog through your hand device! Thanks to our designers and developers who made this website so. Today, people are either too lazy or busy to open their systems for any information. And that’s logical too! Why would anybody sit back and open the system just to order a nail-cutter? 

In fact, people have become smarter enough in using their smart phones for as smart task as preparing a presentation! So, mobile phones have grabbed the positions of all the desk and lap held devices. Half of the web traffic comes from this lean mean machine only. Therefore, having a pretty responsive web design really pays. Avail expert web design services for a performing website.

7. Avoid Confusing the Visitor with Too Many Options

There is this human tendency in everyone to close down a matter if it is getting them confused or in any kind of dilemma. Same can happen with your website too, if it gets the visitor in a paradox of ideas. The decision time gets extended and exhaustive and…..forget about the conversion! 

8. Keep the Contact or Registration Form Short and Simple

No matter, how great a website be or how convincing enough had the content be to land you on to the contact page, all your efforts may go waste if your contact form is too messy! Imagine, you liked a news website and you wish to subscribe to it for the regular updates, but the registration form is requiring lot of your time, what will you do? You’ll give up on it for the moment and will find other sources later on. 

Any feature of the website goes in trash when the website fails to make the visitor complete the required action in the end. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep this gateway extremely quick and smooth. Just a few keypresses and you get a lead!

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See, how impactful can be the web design on your visitors or customers. Implementing these tips may not guarantee highest sale but can assure you of rising statistical bars.

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