7 Essentials to Create Landing Pages That Convert

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Digital presence of a business lays the foundation stone of its success. No matter, what the business profile may be, it’s success depends upon how has its digital presence has been performing. Well, today, merely having a website is not enough. There has to be something that drives the user to it, get engaged, take the desired step, and becomes customers. But all that is possible only when the visitor STEPS on the web page!

There are various ways to bring the users on the website but that is not enough unless the website converts. Simply by bombarding the visitor with loads of information about your products and services may not necessarily convert. There has to be come provocation in the form of call to action in the content, that compels the visitor to take the required step. That’s where the role of a landing page comes into play. With the sole objective of driving visitors to paying customers, landing pages are created.

It may sound simple but converting visitors to customers requires lot of mind-boggling ideas. Unfortunately, not every business owner or marketer invests so much time and energy in landing page creation, and this becomes the major hurdle in conversions that they don’t even realise. They work on the website but to no avail. Are you facing the same challenges?

Why Landing Pages?

Why Landing Pages

Do you also ponder upon why isn’t your well maintained website still not making it to your expectations?

Yes, it needs some smart landing pages – the gateway to your website. Without a landing page, an even a well-designed website may be like a palace without gates for the visitor to enter.

According to a source, the average landing page conversion rate across all industries is almost 10%! In fact, if the fears and apprehensions of the visitor or buyer is addressed well on the landing page, it can lead to the increase in conversion rate by up to 80%.

Landing pages have become an indispensable part of not just the website, but of the digital marketing strategies as well. But, unless they are strategically created, they cannot be as impactful, as they should be.

The purpose of a landing page is clean and clear – Conversion. The conversion may be the resultant of any of the desired actions, such as sale of a product or service that is offered on the website, subscribing for the newsletters, claiming an e-book, scheduling a call, or downloading any app.

Let’s find out the essential components of a performing landing page, that allow it to garner conversion and sales.

#1 A Striking Headline

A Striking Headline

Headline breaks the ice, which is most crucial. Certainly, it has to be strong and catchy enough to be able to draw the users’ attention instantaneously. It is this line that makes the user go through rest of the content following it on the landing page. It should be short and crisp, and it will be great if it mentions of the pain point of the user. That’s when the user gets bound to stop for a moment and is compelled to go through the content. Apart from this, it should be presented in bold and striking font. A strong headline is essential because it captures the user’s attention and entices them to read the rest of your landing page.

#2 Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

USP refers to the reason why YOU! Yes, it is why the user has come to your page, and why they have to take further step which is desirable by you. Probably, a pain point will be a rock solid reason for the user to land on to this page.

You may strengthen your USP, also by presenting an offer, discount and anything that gets you in demand. If you want your visitor to really spend some time on your page, make your offer as unique as possible.

#3 Personalized CTA (Call to Action)

Personalized CTA (Call to Action)

A CTA on a landing page what a steering is to a car. Without a proper CTA, your landing page won’t be able to lead to conversion, no matter how enticing your content may be.

It is reported, that personalized CTAs carry the capability to convert 202% more than the usual ones. The reason behind this fact is quite an obvious one. People today, want personalised attention as otherwise the CTA may lead to loads of even the irrelevant information, which may irritate them. A personalized CTA promises the user a personalized experience further as well, and in that anticipation, they move ahead towards conversion.

#4 Engaging Design

A landing page should not be like any other website page. It should rather behold ample design content to generate enough interest in the user, such as graphic elements, photos or even a video. But let us not even overdo this, as overcrowding of design elements may lead to bad user experience, making the user flee from your page!

#5 Elements of Assurance

Elements of Assurance

Assurance is what everyone expects these days, before they take the desired step. Some of the visitors may even turn away from the page, if they don’t find assurance from the brand. So it becomes extremely important to present assurance in the form of reviews, testimonials and all that generates a sense of trust in them and can make them feel at ease while taking the positive decision.

#6 Perfect Relativity

For any landing page to effective, it has to be created such that it maintains the flow of the content that led to it. If it fails to maintain that flow, it the user would feel lost and would eventually abandon the page in no time.

So, it is very important to present the content such that the perfect flow is maintained. The flow navigates the user towards the desired action which is about conversion.

#7 Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile Responsiveness

This is the most essential element for any landing page, without which no landing page can ever perform, no matter how well designed and presentable it is. Owing to the fact, that almost the entire population carries the handheld devices of various screen sizes, mobile responsiveness becomes very important part of a performing landing page.

Ending Note…

Landing page was introduced in digital marketing strategies with an objective to convert the visitors into paying customers. Therefore, it should be designed on the basis of a well-thought about strategy. It is not an independent entity and so should be well linked with the source it was led to, and also with the source it will be leading to.

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