7 Copywriting Tips to Turn a Marketing Copy to Sales Copy

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“Have a Break…Have a Kit Kat.”
The Nestle’s punchline became a national slogan as everybody tempted to unwrap that wafer-chocolate bar would say this, before indulging into the crunchy chocolaty feast.Similarly, all the women came to know of their worth with L’Oreal flashing the line “Because I’m worth it.”

You must have come across such stellar examples of advertisements with catchy phrases that you’d been using in your day-to-day activities, isn’t it?

That’s the magic of copywriting!

So, what is copywriting exactly? In simple terms, copywriting is not simply about writing words of praise for the product or service; the scope is far beyond this. It is a part of content marketing, which is about coaxing the audience in various creative ways, to not only believe in you, but also take the action desired. This may seem simple but requires lot of effort, like understanding the audience’s psychology, creating a copy that engages and convinces them for any action.

Copywriting is no easy job and may require years of practice. However, by implementing some important tips, you may instead of putting your readers to sleep with a claptrap marketing stuff, can get them on the edge of their seats to take the required step.

#1 Connect with Customers’ Desires

To influence anyone, you certainly need to first connect with them. This includes understanding the audience by getting into their shoes, and then determining their needs and expectations. Once you experience their requirements and desires, it will be much easier for you to come up with the words that your audience can relate to, and find the relevant.

As Joanna Wiebe, the conversion copywriter says “Your job is not to write copy. Your job is to know your visitors, customers and prospects so well, you understand the situation they’re in right now, where they’d like to be, and exactly how your solution can and will get them to their ideal self.”

That clearly implies that if you want a person to take any path of action, make sure to first determine their need, then the path best-suited for them and then direct them to that path.

#2 Touch the Customers’ Pain-Points

It is said that unless you touch the pain-points of your audience and assure them of your concern for them, your audience will not find value in whatever you present to them. This is what Mamy Poko Pants did! They introduced ‘easy to wear’ diapers, understanding the fact that moms would be finding it pretty difficult to wrap those conventional diapers around bottoms of playful babies, irritant babies or even sleepy babies.

So how do you ascertain the pain-points of your audience?

Well, you need not ask your audience directly as they may or may feel hesitant in sharing them with you. The best way to find and understand their pain is to feel it yourself, and you will also know the intensity of both the pain and the extent of need of relief from it.

#3 Speak in Customer’s Words

Remember, it is about them and not you!

So, it’s better to write without intending to showcase your expertise in writing. Keeping the message simple and conversational, helps prospects to develop trust in you, as they find your message intended for them, for good. That’s where you connect and establish relationship with them, and you become ‘eligible’ to persuade them further.

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#4 Sound Realistic

Realistic messages appeal better than the superfluous ones. So, as you start writing, remove your dreamy cap and pen down honest-to-goodness messages. Avoid too many adjectives as they make any part of the content unrealistic. Make sure to go through your own content and think in the customer’s perspective. If it looks like exaggerating the truth at any point of time, remove that chunk, no matter, how attractive may it seem.

Prefer to present numbers or figures instead of mere words. Unrealistic huge figures never intrigue while small but real ones may.

For example – Hundreds of websites are designed and developed by us.

The above claim can better be written as –

235 websites are designed and developed by us.

#5 Be Genuine & Not Over Polite

It’s good to be friendly and polite but too much politeness may allow people to take you for granted. At certain points, being authoritative helps, as people are able to understand your clear objective and find you genuine.

Presenting call-to-action with a genuine tone, helps them reach to a certain decision and do what is required.

#6 Be Mindful of Punctuation Marks

“Let’s learn how to chop and fry kids”, said the teacher.

Whoaaa…what was that?

Calm down, it’s a punctuation error! It was supposed to be –

“Let’s learn how to chop and fry, kids”.

Such hilarious instances happen when you miss on a small but critical part of what you write and that’s – Punctuation Marks. These tiny marks play a huge role in defining the meaning of what is written or said. Even in the minutest error, they hold the capacity to change the entire meaning of a sentence. So, it is important for you to be careful about them, while writing a copy.

#7 Include Magnetic CTAs

CTAs are extremely important as they finally prompt the audience to take the desired step. They pay for all your efforts in writing a copy. But today, when people are quite particular about privacy of their personal information, it gets very difficult for the marketer to ‘ask’ for anything, and that’s when marketers start soft-soaping, which is more than bad, in a copy. CTAs ought to be simple and magnetic, like –

Click Here to Book Your Seats Now!

You may simply induce power words to add weight to your CTA. Power words are the ones that carry the capacity to entice the reader instantly. ‘FREE’ and ‘NOW’ are words that look very pleasing – Who doesn’t want FREE stuff? But, make sure not to overdo this. Very crafty CTAs may lead to abandonment as one may not find them genuine enough for consideration.

Final Thoughts…

Copywriting does not mean what it sounds, as it isn’t about copying the goodness from anywhere. Following smart tips, it should rather present unique thoughts that invoke thoughts in the minds of the readers, too. The more unique a copy is, the more effectively does it turn from a claptrap into a sensible and interesting persuader.

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