6 Promises of Software Applications in the Times to Come

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At this time when the entire world is already striving to stay functional and get going, technological innovations are playing a lead role in enabling the businesses stay operational. Capacitating the work from home drive be the most attainable solution supported by app-driven virtual meetings and presentations, technology has come a long way in creating a smart and flexible environment for corporates, banks, and multinationals, keep their operations in full swing.

The app development industry has already been transforming the world digitally. The lockdowns led by the pandemic have given a further push to this growth. The world is definitely banking upon application industry which is growing at a rapid pace, and promising economic recovery, post-COVID.

The application development industry is seeing seismic shifts in past few years with innovations led by the latest technologies, right from the development of applications for desktops to those developed for smart phone devices.

Application development has evolved tremendously starting from monolithic code and embedded modules to open-source module code. The evolution has sped now, realizing the nature of demands and circumstances.

Realizing that the pandemic is not going to get over too soon, the developers and IT professionals are already trying to be more innovative with the application development so that they can provide much better experience to the users.

The applications are gaining a wide user base as they enable the companies to be consistent in their operations. The reason why these applications are so much in demand lies behind the fact that these apps offer value to the end-user.

It is expected that the application downloads at global level, will be 258 billion by 2022, as shown below:

World Wide App Downloads

Source: App Annie

So, what makes these apps so much in demand? And what promises are the developers trying to come up with, through these apps?

Let’s go through some crucial aspects of application development that are being considered during the development process:


Better Accessibility & Simplicity

Not every user may be into technology. The applications are meant for everyone and therefore, ought not to be complex, and rather be simple. Especially if the application is being developed to cater to the needs of the crisis time like this, then the developer needs to make sure that it is easily accessible and simple to use by the end-user, to ensure better user-friendliness.

Multiplatform Functionality

Owing to the usage of multiple platforms by the end-users, the application should have the ability to function on all of them. An app that performs on all platforms always stays in demand.

The future of app development industry is going to be based on multi-experience, as indicated in a recent survey conducted by Gartner, Inc.

“Development platform vendors are expanding their value proposition beyond mobile apps and web development to meet user and industry demands,” stated Jason Wong, research vice president at Gartner. “The result is the emergence of multi-experience development platforms, which are used in developing chat, voice, augmented reality (AR) and wearable experiences in support of the digital business,” he added.

Secure Environment

Secure Environment

Security is something that cannot be compromised at any level. At this time, when users are heavily relying upon the applications to share their valuable information or data, they need to be very sure about the security offered with these apps. Even a minor security lapse can change the entire game. Ensuring a safe and secure communication for the users and to instill the trust of more and more users, these apps are definitely going to keep security on top of their priority list.

Better Agility

Agility infuses value in the app as testing is integrated in the development process itself, and is performed at every stage. This helps in fixing the bugs and errors, right there. Working on every phase of the process gradually builds a great big picture. The risks are automatically reduced, making the app more secure. Agile is surely going to be the center piece of the app development process.

Stability & Robustness

The present time is unstable loaded with uncertainties, as everyone ponders “What’s next?”

“Is the life going to be spent this way?”

Well, amid so many instabilities, the apps are surely going to be offer stability. They will be performance-oriented serving as robust platforms for information and data sharing.

Do you know, the app crashes, freezing, and error displays account for quick uninstalls, as shown below.

Types Of Problem Encountered

Source: App Samurai

In the times to come, the developers will be focusing on coding so that the apps don’t crash randomly, or drain down the batteries and data, leading to serious performance issues.

Regular Updates

The technological changes have always been constant and rapid, and this calls for the need for every software product to get updated regularly. The advent of applications in recent times, has led to extreme competition and to withstand this competition for longer, the developers will be working towards creating the apps that can be updated time to time, else they may lose users to other up-to-date and performing apps.

An app that is regularly updated will be promising enough to ensure it stays.

To be a valuable and reliable asset for users, an app needs to be simple, easy to access and navigate, pleasing, stable, and constantly updated.

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