6 Mobile Marketing Keys to Unlock Business Potential

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Freedom of ease is what technology offers!

Yes, technology has come a long way to make the life as easy for us, as falling off a log. Especially in adversaries, the technology has been proven to be the savior of normalcy that would otherwise, have had lost forever.

Today we are surrounded with technological innovations, with a major one that we keep holding on to, round the clock – Our Mobile Device!

This small screen has made it really big in entire world, being the quintessential possession without which no one can even imagine their lives. The ongoing pandemic has even intensified our dependency on it, as it led to an increased usage of smartphones by 45%, according to the June 2020 GlobalWebIndex report.

Almost everyone spends a major chunk of their day on their mobile phones, right from the time they open their eyes in the morning, to the time when they spend their last awake moments of the day, only to bury their precious gadgets beneath the pillow.

Well this certainly is the indicative of the increasing trend in use of mobile phones for various purposes, be it to communicate, gather information, for fun or loitering around the web, or to shop. The amount of time, people dedicate to their phones, digging through the internet, certainly demands the present-day marketers to shape up their marketing strategies accordingly. If as a marketer, you are not leveraging this aspect of digital marketing, be prepared to face the reality that says – you’re losing on your potential, bigtime!

Mobile Marketing Isn’t Going to Trend, It’s Already in Trend

Mobile Marketing Isn’t Going to Trend, It’s Already in Trend

Mobile marketing isn’t the new-fangled term. It all started with SMS, when the ads were received mere as text messages. The marketing technique has evolved at a rapid pace since then, and today stands as the most significant pillar of marketing.

Mobile marketing allows the marketers to encompass a broader area of potential buyers easily through their mobile devices, without hefty investments. It renders countenance to them to present their offerings in a quick and personalized way, especially when they are actually looking for the same, within the scope of their fingers tapping their screens.

This is the reason why mobile marketing is experiencing a sprightly surge among the marketers, though they still need to make sure, they are following certain aspects that may turn out to be the keys to unlock their potential in the times to come.

Key #1: Mobile Web Design Optimization

Mobile Web Design Optimization

Do you know, mobile users spend about 70% of their time on their smartphones?

A mobile incompatible website fails to generate business and lags miles behind the competition. You may either go for a separate website for mobiles or tell your designer to make your present website responsive enough to fit in all screen sizes.

A responsive website makes sure that all its elements fit into all the screen sizes, aesthetically. Ironically, the most crucial aspect is most underrated by the designers, which eventually becomes the major factor behind the website’s underperformance.

About 60% of users say that they abandon and don’t recommend a brand or business that has a mobile incompatible website, as reported by a source. According to another source, 85% of adults expect a company’s website to be as mobile responsive, as it is on desktop.

Key #2: Website Speed Boost

Website Speed Boost

Website speed has always laid direct impact on its performance. Even a single second delay in website load time, can ruin the entire game; and when it is on mobile, even a micro-second can make a difference.

So, that makes it very crucial for marketers to make sure that the responsive website loads fast as well. For any website to be capable of driving traffic and conversions, its speed should be optimum.

Google has released several algorithm updates considering the speed of a mobile website to be the major factor behind its ranking on search engines. To help evaluate the website load speed, Google came up with Page Speed Insights, a tool that also improves the speed of the web page.

It is however, important to note that there can be many factors responsible for low website speed, like too many plugins, large size of images, and heavy design components. Sorting out all these aspects eventually speeds up the website.

Know About Quick Tips to Speed Up Your Website!

Key #3: Mobile-Specific Content

Mobile-Specific Content

Apart from the optimum web design, content also plays a key role in acing up the mobile marketing efforts. The search intent of a mobile user varies with that of a desktop user, as those browsing on mobile devices may not be interested to go through the entire essay on what they may be looking for.

The content for mobile users should be short, clear and crisp, with crucial points presenting the crux of the information. Attractive subheadings make the content more appealing, easy to grasp and memorize. The landing page content should be such that it convinces the user take the desired step. The form should have minimum fields so that the user does not feel lazy to fill it, and at least the crucial information gets submitted. At times it happens, that the user abandons the page when finds too much information required from them. To prevent this, keep the forms short and free from mess or confusion.

Key #4: Incorporation of Chatbot Conversation

Incorporation of Chatbot Conversation

Interaction is what drives conversions. For a consistent, professional, and interactive experience, the incorporation of a chatbot in a mobile website can be another key to unlocking its potential. A chatbot stimulates the user to communicate either through written chat or with verbal interaction. Chatbots handle interaction with multiple users with utmost finesse, and make the user experience better.

Whether it is about booking air-tickets or a table in a restaurant, or even to gather user information, chatbots do it perfectly with a professional touch. Not only this, they even conduct surveys, gather and share unbiased information, which may not be possible every time, in case of a human role player.

Key #5: Geofencing for Focused Marketing

Geofencing for Focused Marketing

The most shining key to mobile marketing today is, geofencing, with which the companies market their products and services with geographically-focused targeting. Consolidating technologies, it allows you to build a virtual fence around your preferred business location that has your potential customers. Thanks to the smartphones, without which this wouldn’t have been possible ever.

The technologies involved are Global Positioning System (GPS), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Bluetooth and Beacon technology, that birthed numerous avenues for the marketers to target specific customers based on their geo locations for providing personalized shopping experience for buyers for enhanced sales, and better analysis based on various metrics for informed conclusions and further strategy planning.

Key #6: Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Developing mobile apps is another crucial key to mobile marketing, that is often underrated and ignored. The reluctance towards developing the apps owing to the assumed investment of labor and maintenance, deprive the business owner of lot many benefits that prove the worth of these apps.

Mobile apps improve the visibility of brands, encourage audience engagement, increase customer retention, not only build the brand but enable it to stand out in the competition.

In fact, the rise of apps clearly indicates how easy is it to develop and optimize them for an optimum performance in play stores. So developing smart apps for smartphone users, should be a part of your smart mobile marketing strategy.

Final Lines

Mobile marketing opens the gateway to enormous opportunities for brand marketers, and should therefore, be incorporated as an integral aspect in the digital marketing strategy with a considerable investment.

Tarika Technologies incorporates mobile marketing in digital marketing services that it offers, along with app store optimization services to assist brands and businesses leverage the technique, and grow by leaps and bounds even in highly competitive landscape.

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