5 Must-Know Predictions about Social Media in 2019

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If at all exists anything that is constant in the virtual world, it’s the ‘change’ in social media!

In a matter of time, social media has taken some seismic shifts that have really influenced our online behaviour and actions. Of course it’s us who shape up the face of social media every now and then.

With apps keeping a tab on your every single onscreen move, the behavioural pattern, mannerisms and preferences are collected and stored as data. This information is used to speculate about your behaviour, based on which these clever apps keep grinding themselves to stay ahead of what you may be pining for, in times to come.

As social media channels speculate about their users, users speculate about them, it’s amusingly mutual!

One need not be a social media pundit to speculate about ‘what next’ for the new year in fact, everyone keeps a keen eye on this, being associated with social media in some or the other way. Here’s to some interesting predictions made about social media that you must look forward to, for the Zappy New Year! 



Social Media Videos – Content through Camera Appeals Better

There has been a goodly growth in the trend of videos on social media in recent years. Social media videos not only grab the eye-balls faster, but also make them stick to them for quite some time. 

As Cailin Anegeloff, the digital marketing and social media leader, tweets “Social media video is the future of education, collaboration, and real-time engagement, whether it is for purchase or support.”

Even the Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg had quoted in February 2017, “I see video as a megatrend,” and that’s actually showing on trend graphs.

Statistics have revealed how well social media videos have performed and are expected to in upcoming months.

Well, to make the videos capable of generating maximum views, always remember to consider graphics, as about 85% of videos are watched without sound. Another consideration should be about creating the playlist of videos which makes it very convenient for the user to find them, and the similar ones as well. Also, the videos should have call to action, any element that convinces the viewer to take the action these videos are created and intended for.


Influencer Marketing to Tighten the Grip for Converting Buzz into Business

Gone are the days, when girls would go head-over-heals watching Sylvester Stallone standing tall donning pens and watches, or Scarlett Johansson appearing for SodaStream onscreen. Celebrity marketing is swearing off now.

Social media marketing is all about creating influence and all that can influence the masses is the in-thing here. People look for authenticity and that does not mean a shiny name for them. They wish to see the real-time identity that can relate to them and take them in their stride. The spectacled dentist in a toothpaste advert convinces better than any celebrity going gaga over it. 

Being one for all, social media has given a chance to every ordinary user to hold the mike and get under the spotlight. That’s what has led to the rise of Nano Influencers who are promising enough to drive businesses, this year.

According to a survey conducted by Collective Bias in the US, 70% of consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers. You would trust more on your colleague than the bigwig who’d once been your role model, won’t you!



Artificial Intelligent Technology to Power Social Media Completely

The biggest wave that’s sure to be the social media surfer’s delight is Artificial Intelligence Enabled Chatbots based on high-end technology of machine learning, natural language processing and understanding.

Chatbots have been talk of the town for a couple of years until 2017, when they almost vanished from the scene, as no one had any clue about how to go about the technology. 

Even the VP of Facebook Messenger David Marcus had considered the technology as ‘overhyped’. Pause!

Time has come again when business pages are installing these chatbots realizing the fact that the user responds to one-on-one communication better. 
What do these chatbots do? Don’t they look unrealistic?

The answer is, they don’t! Else no report would have stated about over 100,000 bots already serving on FB Messenger recommending products, connecting with potential customers and collecting information about them, engaging them and doing what not. 

Right from proactively greeting people to generating quick replies with personal touch, social media bots are expected to rule the business chat-boxes!

Apart from this, there are numerous AI tools that provide valuable insights into the social media profiles of various brands, their reputation, various new opportunities for their marketing on social media platforms.


Social May Get Personal, Here Shine Messaging Apps!

It all started with socializing and reaching out to contacts led by chain reaction on social media. Interestingly today, most of the social butterflies wish to get back into their pupas, trying to limit their social diameters. The data on messaging platforms is clearly indicating that.

The messaging apps have become hot zones for a majority of internet population that had enough sharing openly and is opting for keeping it to private groups only. So that makes messaging platforms the upcoming mode for reaching out to customers. Though the reaction of the customer still requires a guess work as customer behaviour may vary.

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Cryptocurrency and Social Media Alliance

The Facebook’s secret plan to launch its own cryptocurrency couldn’t stay a secret as a Facebook spokesperson recently revealed to the media about the company’s efforts on exploring ways to leverage the blockchain technology as a resource. 

According to several reports, Facebook has been working on bringing about the cryptocurrency leading the speculators to expect the beginning of a new era of digital currencies getting a huge bow of acceptance.

Whether these speculations turn out to be true or not, start-ups as well as biggies need to tighten their business strategy belts, for the flight to expected and unexpected social media trends is sure to take off!

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