5 Compelling Reasons to Invest in Third Party API Integration Services

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The modern world has become heavily internet-dependent. In this fast-paced technological world, every sphere of life requires a well-structured website or a mobile app. It’s no secret that innovative software solutions have not only transformed the way businesses work, but also offered them endless business opportunities too.

Nowadays, APIs are essential for modern enterprise IT.

Have you ever wondered about how Google Maps (one mobile app) provide such relevant information according to your location?

Well, it’s all because of Application Programming Interface or APIs.

If you notice you will find that the APIs exist everywhere! From Facebook to Google Maps, thousands of APIs are available to help you improve your operations.

API integration helps businesses to automate their tasks, integrate their databases and programs with current industry applications.

Imagine, you already have an application and now you want to upgrade it with some additional functionalities like social login, geolocation, and more. Investing in third-party API integration services can help you improve your existing operations and integrate additional functionalities in no time.

What Exactly Third-Party API Integration Is & Why Do You Need It?

In simple terms, “third-party API integration” means the addition of essential external data to the existing software or application using third-party APIs (Application Program Interfaces). Third-party API Integration is like a shortcut for coders and developers as they build websites and applications. Third-party API integration allows system integrators to create a new solution within a very short period of time.

For an instance, if you want to create an e-commerce application and wish to add “chat” functionality in your app too then you can simply take an available third-party API and integrate it into your product.
Isn’t it simple?

Isn’t it simple?

Certainly, investing in third-party API integration services is one of the smartest moves that can help you increase efficiency of your application. With third-party API integration, you can integrate all the systems together to maximize the online potential of your application. Third-party API integration services bring a wide range of advantages to businesses.

Benefits of Integrating Third-Party APIs to Your Mobile App

Following are some compelling reasons that help you understand why should you invest in third-party API integration services:

Better User Experience

Undeniably, user experience plays a big role in the digital world. By using third-party API integration, businesses can improve the user experience of their application or website and make it truly phenomenal. In fact, with the help of third-party APIs, you can integrate multiple features that will help you boost the functionality of your application or website.

Saves Your Time & Money

The process of designing and developing an API from the scratch is a bit time-consuming. Well, third-party API integration can save your time and help you create a high-end functional software for your business. Undoubtedly, integrating a third-party module with your product requires some specific tasks but when it comes to time, using third-party API integration can be very effective. Besides this, third-party API integration is a cost-effective way to increase the functionality of your product.

On-Time Software Updates

Just like any other software developer, third-party API providers roll out updates from time to time. So, if you are using a third-party API then that update will be applied to your product too. All you need to do is, set up the automatic check for updates. In this way, your product will always be based on the latest technology.

Increased usability

Third-party API Integration not only makes your application functional but also increases its usability. For example, if you integrate APIs from a specific platform that has millions of users, then your application will be more appealing to users. APIs of Facebook, Google, and tech giants (like doing through PayPal tool or login via social apps) have become tokens of simplicity and reliability to users. In simple terms, APIs of Google and Facebook, simplifies authorization and brings more users to your application. By using such third-party APIs, you make your application more comfortable for users which helps you increase the engagement rate.

Therefore, if you want to increase the usability of your application then you should invest in the best third-party API integration services.

Makes your mobile app unique

Clearly, there are thousands of third-party APIs out there. In fact, some of them are very popular. You may be surprised to know that some businesses choose only popular third-party APIs without thinking much about their efficiency. Well, if you choose a less familiar but very efficient API, it will make your application unique and help you establish a solid foothold in the digital era. So, don’t just jump on the bandwagon, choose relevant and efficient API, that spices up the functionality of your application and makes it unique.

Which Third-Party APIs Can Be Integrated with Your Application?

Well, there are thousands of third-party APIs out there, known or not so known, so choose ones that suit your application.

Let’s dive into some widely used third-party APIs:

Facebook API

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other social media API integration is very advantageous for every business. Well, Facebook API is one of the most popular and widely used third-party API that businesses use in their applications. Basically, this is the social network API integration that authorizes new app users’ signup in to the application without filling long registry form. In simple terms, Facebook API integration provides authorization that requires no extra effort. Undeniably, authorization via Facebook is extremely helpful for users. So, you can use Facebook API integration in your application too.

Google Maps API

Google Maps is the most popular and widely used navigation app around the globe. According to a recent survey report, approximately 70 percent of smartphone users use Google Maps frequently. With the help of Google Maps, you can go anywhere you want to. Just type your destination and start navigation. The good news is that you can get the features of Google Maps API in your application. Google Map’s API is an incredible tool that can help you create a searchable map, a custom map, display real-time data synching with location, driving directions, check-in functions, street view imagery, and more. Isn’t it cool? Today, many businesses use Google Maps API to build a remarkable application.

Booking API

If you want to add the functionality of searching and booking accommodation in your application, then Booking API integration is the best thing you should go for. The booking API integration can help you add information like accommodation facilities, prices, queries, and other information from hotels across the world. If your application is travel-based, then booking API integration is the best move for your business.

Skyscanner API

If you want to create an application that can provide information like flight search, real-time ticket pricing, reviews, discounts, and other information related to flight, then you should choose Skyscanner API. Well, Skyscanner API directly connects users with real-time flight data, directions, and other information.

Uber API

It is an incredible API that can help you increase your application’s user experience and improves the usability of your application. Integrating Uber API with your application allows your app users to book an Uber taxi right from your application, pay for the rides and leave a review on them too. Cool, right! Uber API is one of the most popular third-party APIs that many businesses use today.

It’s Time to Hire a Top Third-Party API Integration Company

Third-party API integration is a cost-effective method to enhance your mobile app functionality. With the help of third-party APIs, you can add to the appeal of your application and make it the most likable app to users without reinventing the wheel.

Whether you want to enhance the functionality of your mobile app or boost its usability, investing in third-party API integration services is the smartest move for you!

Investing in third-party API integration not only speeds up the development process but also saves you from spending several hours and dollars.

So, what are you waiting for?

Hire the best third-party API integration company for your business!

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