14 Reasons Why You Should Market with Videos

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Remember those good old times, when in alma mater, you were given a minute to perform something that really grabs attention, what did you do? Told a short story, or enacted a meme? Told a joke, or simply said some dialogues? Well, if you enacted anything, that’s the best you could do! Visuals always attract far quickly than texts or dialogue that you get to simply read. And when there are moving visuals or video, then nothing can be as enticing. The power of ‘Play’ button is way beyond what you think.

The moment, that ‘Play’ button is pressed, the audience sticks to the screen getting curious to see what’s in store for them. They instantly develop a strong connection either with the characters shown or with the situation.

Videos present stories, and that’s what the audience wish to see, where they do not have to make any effort like reading the textual information and comprehend it.

Do you know, 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool? As reported by Hubspot, the percentage has gone up from 63% recorded last year, and it’s still increasing!

Businesses are now adopting video marketing as a crucial part of their marketing strategies. About 85% of them are already using videos as their marketing tool. According to a recent survey conducted by Wyzowl, 92% of marketers say that videos are a significant part of their marketing strategy.


Source: Wyzowl

It is definitely an unrivalled fact that videos are the most powerful marketing tool, today.

Let’s count 14 statistics-driven reasons why the marketers of today, should harness the power of this tool.

14 Reasons Why You Should Market with Videos!



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